Hijacking The T-Party, Sarah Palin

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If you are a regular visitor to this site you know that I’ve written very supportive and admiring posts and comments about  former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.  In the article titled Sara Palin’s Unforgivable Sin I tried to enumerate some of the reasons why she is so demonized by the left and so loved by normal people. I’ve even taken so called conservative talk show hosts to task for attacking her .

It is therefore with deep regret that I have to now throw her in with the likes of Mark Levin and whole lot of others, which will be named in future posts, and which together comprise the band that is trying to hijack the Tea Party movement.

I cannot and will not ever again look the other way when neo-con hypocrisy rears it’s ugly head as it tries to infiltrate and destroy the conservative movement in America.
Sarah Palin got up on a stage, in front of thousands of Tea Party members and shamelessly told them, and us , that McCain’s principles are our principles. She told us that McCain’s supporters are part of  the Tea Party. ..When the hell did this happen and did anyone clue in John McCain? How about his daughter,  apparently she also missed that memo from Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin gets up on a stage and tells us that Washington no longer listens to the people.  The thing is that John McCain is exactly the kind of politician that we despise for not listening to us!
American opposition to McLaim’s and Grhamnesty’s surrender of our nation to the Mexican Government, aka “Immigration reform” is perhaps the one issue that Americans opposed more than  Health Care reform!

Did McCain listen to us? Hell NO! I really don’t want to go into another anti  McLaim diatribe -Lord knows that it takes a lot to hold it back – and  I’ve done that  here, and here just to name a few-   but I am truly disgusted that Sarah Palin  is  campaigning for one of the Republicans that we conservatives hold up as the living example of all that  we oppose in the Republican party.

When she goes out and stomps for him she is in fact fighting against his challenger, J.D. Hayworth who is perhaps the poster boy of what we in the Tea Party stand for.

I have no idea what happened to Sarah Palin and how she was co-opted by the neocons, maybe it was all that FOX news money… The point is that as of  now she switched over to the dark side and is on the side of the neo-cons who are trying to hijack the Tea-Party.

As of now Sarah Palin  still has my affection but certainly not my vote.


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