Sarah Palin’s Unforgivable Sin ?


By Chris Olt

Many articles have been written to explain the  demonic hatred that the left has for Governor Sarah Palin. Many reasons have been enumerated  and most of them are valid.  Writers postulated that the left  hates her for being pretty and it’s true enough – she is very pretty and the left certainly hates that. ( I would add that she also seems to display very civilized hygiene and in certain leftist  circles that advocate wiping with one sheet that alone is reason for being burned at the stake.)

She has a tremendous career- not many women have had brighter – and  she achieved that without foregoing her obligations to her family, friends or faith. That also  is  an inexcusable sin perpetrated against the left’s established dogma.

In a sort of freakish  hedonistic martyrdom the liberal believes that all the evil that he/she causes will be, if not forgiven ,at least justified because in the end it will lead to a happier humanity..

She didn’t attend IV league schools and yet she wiped the debate floor with Joe Biden. And her achievements as governor of Alaska tower far above the demagoguery that the Columbia and Harvard attendee, Barack Hussein Obama, tried shamelessly to pass as his “community organizing” resume. Heck,  not only does the left have an ideological opposition to such an “aberration,” but quite frankly they also have very real personal financial objections. After all, Sarah is showing the world that student loans to rival a sizable mortgage are not required to rise to the highest levels of success. And if that catches on the “over educated” leftist academia drones would be forced to work and earn their keep for a change…yeah right.

Sarah chose to love and raise a baby diagnosed with Down’s syndrome, accepting God’s gift as was presented.  She also chose to support her unmarried pregnant daughter and help raise her grandson, a baby that Barrack Hussein Obama would consider a “punishment” if it were his daughters’ baby…his grandson.  Sarah Palin shone the light of God’s truth on the culture of death so cavalierly perpetrated by the left and of course for that, too, they hate her.

Sure , all of these, and many more are the reasons that the left goes into melt-down-mode at the mere mention of her name.  What many have not realized however,  is that Sarah Palin is a living breathing irrefutable rebuttal to the left’s most intimate,  most closely guarded and most deeply believed metaphysical dictum.

The leftists  look at Sarah Palin and  realize that the debauchery and sin that they so eagerly embrace is not just wrong, but worse than that, it’s simply not necessary.

This realization destroys the last possible excuse that any liberal with a modicum of conscience clings to in order to keep themselves from splattering their brains all over the headboard at 3:00 a.m.

The left certainly  knows that the ungodly leftist experiments have left behind Everest sized piles of dead bodies.  The left knows that it’s actions, borne out of nothing but their dogmatic beliefs, have single- handedly  contributed to the overwhelming majority of the planet’s misery for at least the past 100 years.

Don’t get me wrong I fully understand that there are those like Obama. Soros, the Clintons, the Pelosis and the list goes on who believe not an iota of any of the left’s dogmas but simply see it as the fastest escalator to the highest echelons of power. I consider those just what they are, subhuman bacteria.

The majority of the left on the other hand, like the majority of us on  right, have not the  chance of a snow ball in hell to ever get that kind of power so their and our sustenance is our dogma and beliefs. For most of us on the right our faith in God is our deepest belief and its is the yard stick against which we measure, if at times not as rigorously as we should, all of our actions and their consequences.

But what of the left what is that belief that is at heart of their essence? What exactly is it that, in the face so much historical evidence that they would in fact be doing humanity a huge favor if they either stopped being libs or assume room temperature, keeps them going?

Well, its a very simple and idiotic, belief.  To go on living with the blood and misery that  are the result of leftist policies, liberals  hypnotically chant the end justifies the means,”. In the end the world will be a happier place because of their actions. . Deep down in the putrid hallows of their souls that is the one small spark that keeps them going and they cling to that deception as  their last desperate refuge .

All the abortions, all the killing, the blasphemy, the murder, and misery that they cause, can, in the liberal mind, be excused by that statement.

In a sort of  hedonistic martyrdom the liberal believes that all the evil that he/she causes will be, if not  forgiven ,at least justified because in the end it will lead to a happier humanity.

Sarah Palin is a living  rebuttal to that nonsense. She is a living breathing embodiment of the happiness that can come form living the life of a normal Christian human being. She is the wrecking ball that demolishes the left’s last false barricade and, more importantly, she’s also a happy real life alternative to the putrid stench that is the left’s legacy.

Like demons squirming and howling as holy water burns their flesh, the left will continue to hate  Sarah Palin because  her very existence  annuls  their only perceived refuge.

And for that we will continue to love her and pray for her well-being and success.


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5 Responses to Sarah Palin’s Unforgivable Sin ?

  1. Lisa Graas December 8, 2009 at 8:26 pm #

    BRAVO! You know your history. Excellent post.

  2. Guy Smith December 26, 2009 at 4:14 pm #

    my comment wont get posted because I speak the truth,and you wouldn’t want any of your illinformed members to know the truth.

    • admin December 26, 2009 at 6:33 pm #

      Your comment didn’t get posted becasue it was childish, try again in a more literate manner.

  3. Ken Street December 26, 2011 at 11:10 am #

    Liberalism must be a mental illness, because they have tried the same stuff for over 100 years and it still has not worked even if they cheated. They just say the conditions were not right, yet they keep lying to themselves and us. Is not that the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different result?

    Collectivism can only share poverty never the wealth. Only free enterprise can share the wealth.

  4. Dave Lindesmith December 28, 2011 at 12:42 pm #

    Way to go admin … a worthy chuckle insued.

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