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No sooner did Scott Brown win the election that Mike Savage led the chorus of Scott Brown for president. Referring to Sarah Palin, Savage said, and I’ll paraphrase here  but I am sure that I’m very close to an exact quote, I hope she’s not the nominee but some new guy like  or Scott Brown..

Savage found out that Brown will endorse the Obama “stealing white’s money to redistribute to minorities” plan aka “the jobs stimulus plan” and suddenly he starts bashing those that fantasized about what kind of  president Brown would make.

Well, well, well, hey Scavenge in case you forgot, you were foremost among them!

Now, like you I pay no mind to the food processor ahhh I mean the food PhD except to maybe laugh at the childish one liners that he desperately tries to pass as artistic inspiration. One such example, and one that I find more humorous the more I think about is  this brain fart, “‘when you hear Coltrane you hear a soul scream”  I kid you not he says things like that and repeats them in a sort of self revelation of his own artistic attributes..Yeah I know.

Anyway for him to now come out and bash the fools who thought Scott Brown would be a presidential candidate is the most despicable display of hypocrisy that I have seen come out of the Scavenge sewer in a long time. The hypocrisy doesn’t stop there but it does in fact permeate this entire miserable little creature. No sooner did he finish  bashing  Brown supporters that he endorsed Mitt Romney for president! Ha?

Is that supposed to be some kind of a joke?  Mike Scavenge thinks that you are stupid, hell  he tells you that every single day, so he might think that we’ll let him get away with this but enough is enough! I have to call a shill a shill and Scavenge is a shill.

We all know that Romney is the nuveau neo-con par-exellance so there is no need for me to reiterate Romeny’s platform except maybe to mention that the  health care plan he implemented in Massachusetts is bankrupt and is bankrupting the state. I will also mention that Romney is somewhat of a late comer to the Pro-Life Movement and his commitment to our sacred Second Amendment is sketchy at best.

On the second amendment  please not that in 2004 Romney signed a bill that permanently banned so called “assault weapons” in Massachusetts – as if anyone but maybe a dozen or so people  in Massachusetts actually had real assault weapons. ( here is an article on that from National Review)

On Abortion Romney’s record is even sketchier and here is how he answered the National Abortion Rights Action League, or NARAL (now called NARAL Pro-Choice America) questionnaire:

“I respect and will protect a woman’s right to choose. This choice is a deeply personal one. Women should be free to choose based on their own beliefs, not mine and not the government’s. The truth is no candidate in the governor’s race in either party would deny women abortion rights. So let’s end an argument that does not exist and stop these cynical and divisive attacks that are made only for political gain” See full details on this at The Weekly Standard

That Mike Savage would prefer this individual over Sarah Palin a person whose conservative credentials are head and shoulders over those of Mitt Romney is not easily explained. Stranger still is Mike Scavenger’s , ahhh I mean Mike Savage’s full endorsement de jour of Michelle Buchman.

It’s also worth noting that Mike Scavenge did endorse  John McCalim in the national election before denouncing him after he lost. I wonder why it’s OK for Mike Savage to do that but it’s unforgivable for Scott Brown supporters to do the same  and unlike Scavange’s candidate, actually win in one of the most liberal states in the nation?

Citing the later’s  teleprompter reading of a WWII story involving chaplains and a rabbi -betraying his training  as a food critic Scavenge called the individual a “Jewish Rabbi”  so as not to be confused with the other rabbi the Druid One- Scavange wholeheartedly endorsed her for “vice president”. No I have no idea why he didn’t endorse her for the presidential spot I guess Scavenge doesn’t think a woman is ready for that post just yet.  His justification was that Michelle ” can speak unlike Sarah Palin who only uses talking points.”

He says this about a woman who delivered the most rousing speech of the previous Presidential campaign with just a few notes scribbled on an index card? Are you kidding me? Comparing Palin’s character and intellect to that of Michael Savage is akin to comparing Savage’s intellect, though not his character to that of his mingy pet poodle – I think that the poodle might win the character battle but not by much, after all the two have been sleeping together.

Why is Mike Savage so afraid of Palin?  For the same reason that the neocons and the libs and the libertarians  are afraid of her!

You can take a guess but let me assure you it has everything to do with her Christian populism


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