McCain’s Empty Hypocrisy


By Chris Olt for

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By now we’ve all seen clips of John McCain’s fire and brimstone spewing speech in which he vows to fight Obama-care over hill and dale and in the cities and in the fields and blah blah blah. Yeah sure you will John sure  you will.

There are many reasons why watching McCain speak is almost as difficult as watching Obamaba read his  endless stream of  teleprompters filled with an equally endless stream of lies. Chief among them is the knowledge that in a few short weeks McCain himself will do exactly what Obama and Pelosi and Reid have just done. He will go against the wishes of the American people becasue of course he knows better.

Do you think the upcoming amnesty bill which will give American citizenship to over 20 million illegal aliens – and subsequently 140 million dependents, yes their average family is composed of 7 members-  will be liked by the American people any more than the Obamacare bill?  Of course not. The American people rejected amnesty already but of course it didn’t stop McCain from endorsing it and voting for it and making love to it and God only knows what else. Do you think it will be different this time around? Of course not, watch as McCain and Ghramnesty end up playing tonsil hockey with Reid and Pelosi as your our country is turned into a third wold shit hole and is subsequently , like all third world shit holes, ravaged by corruption crime and ultimately and inevitably   civil war.( Yes you will  watch because it will happen in our life time)

An his daughter… Boy that buffalo chip didn’t roll  far from the pile did it? Sure she’s ignorant and vicious, after all the ignorant are more often than not vicious. That she attacked the Tea Party, I’m not surprised, after all she learned from daddy. On the other hand to say something as idiotic as “young people make revolutions ” shows that she is also as ignorant as , well, as her daddy.

Maybe she should check the average age of the leaders of a certain revolution that occurred in 1775. Or maybe she should check the average age of the leaders a revolution that is probably more near and dear to her heart the one of 1917.

The harsh political reality is that “revolutions”  that do not have a strong middle class backing  and a commitment form seasoned business and community leaders, military leaders,  and yes even politicians  end up in a futile  blood bath.  Just in recently we’ve seen it happen at Tienanmen Square and we see it happening  in Iran today. Impromptu revolutions conducted solely by students, the kind that McCain’s daughter fantasizes about have a name, they’re called “failed revolutions.”

So excuse me if I’m not overwhelmed by McLaim’s impotent speech vowing to fight and to do this and that . Where the hell was he during the presidential campaign?

Oh he was fighting all right, he was fighting us!!! Remember that the dolt’ most fiery rhetoric was reserved for conservatives and those who dared called Obama by his middle name, HUSSEIN, or for those who dared uttered that Obama is a Muslim.  That was McCain’s fight and of course that is a major part of why we ended up here.

Sure the media played up the speech, why not, after all McCain is harmless, except to conservatives,  and the media  desperately want to keep a conservative, JD Hayworth , out of the senate. So yeah they played the speech over and over as if anyone cared or as if McCain actually planned on following up with any action. Has anyone seen what he’s done in the two days since the speech? Nope, not a thing, I think he’s busy watching vids of his speech and telling his retarded daughter how brilliant he is.

So no sir, I am nor impressed with McCain’s version of the Battle of Britain speech, in fact the more I see the guy the more disgusted I get and the more I wish I lived in Arizona so I could vote for Hayworth.

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