Rush Limbaugh anti white agenda

Rush and The Neocon Anti-White Agenda on Parade

The aRush Limbaugh anti white agendanti-white agenda so  overtly displayed by Obama,  his appointees on the Supreme Court, the Justice department and everywhere else,  Homo-Zionists in Hollywood and the advertising industry , and the MSM, in general is so evident that it’s almost getting to be expected.

Ron Paul too is not immune from that and we documented and refuted his racist insults against whites in the military.

What is  only slightly more subtle is the anti white agenda pushed by Necons as exemplified by Rush and Sarah Palin.

Let’s begin with Rush Limbaugh because he is by far the most influential . You see Rush Limbaugh’s anti white agenda is so perverse precisely because on one side of his mouth he preaches that he condemns the anti white propaganda of the MSM while he himself practices it wholeheartedly.

From his friendship and wholehearted endorsement of the racist Thomas Sowell to the way he treats black callers on his radio show Rush Limbaugh is every bit as much a self doubting white   as the rest of the MSM.

Now look I don’t really care what Rush is except when he not so subtly tries to influence our elections to go in an anti white direction. We have enough of that from the MSM do we need it from Rush too?

Let me take you back to the previous presidential election of 2008. If you recall Rush and Hannity and Levin did not endorse a candidate until it was too late – though Hannity did have his successful  “Stop Hillary Express.”

While Rush made damn sure that he would not endorse a presidential candidate until it was way to late ,  he had no compunction about endorsing a would be vice presidential one.

Is Sarah Palin seriously proposing that we should vote for a  black man to prove to the demented left that we are not racists?

Out of all the politicians in America, a country still about 80% white , Rush Limbaugh managed to find the one Republican Governor who wasn’t white, Booby Jindal.

Rush’s campaign for Jindal went beyond anything he ever did for any other politician EVER! The number of interviews and ass kissing, and the  intertwined combination of the two was so embarrassing that Snerdly immediately went looking for Michael Jackson’s dermatologist.
Some may interpret this head long love affair with Jindal as Rush’s contribution to get Americans used to a minority president, Barack Obama, while others claim it’s just Rush’s desperate attempt to save and justify his evidently failed, false and fake version of American Exceptionalism.

Who the heck knows what the answer is, probably a combination of the two but it doesn’t natter , what matters is that we expose it.

Rush is at it again in this election with his endorsement of Marco Rubio for vice president and eventually for President. “…mark  my words he [Marco Rubio] will be president one day” gushed Rush Limbaugh in tones that would  cause Chris Mathews’s legs to tingle.


Never mind that Marco Rubio turned his back on the very same people who got him elected, ostensibly because they’re too white and/or too conservative for his taste.  Rush had no problem with that after all he sabotages the tea party every chance he gets so he and Rubio have a lot in common.

Never mind that like Obama’s father  both Rubio’s parents are not natural born US citizens and therefore Rubio can never be president. Rush cares about the constitution about as much as he cares about the Tea Party.

Why is Rush so hell bent on pushing on us a turn coat who is not  constitutionally qualified to be president?Surely there are plenty of white conservative candidates who are qualified to be vice president.

Go ahead and ask him I’d love to know : 800-282-2882

On this issue Sarah Palin is in the same camp as Rush Limbaugh. Just yesterday she suggested that the best vice presidential candidate would be Allen West because ” he has military experience” Well that’s all nice and all  but there are exponentially more qualified whites with military experience, why isn’t Sarah picking one of those?
Is she seriously thinking that republicans will win the presidency with the “look we got a black candidate too” strategy? Are you kidding me?

Is Sarah Palin seriously proposing that we should vote for a  black man to prove to the demented left that we are not racists? Sarah Palin ought to know better.

In this day and age when the media is doing everything but lining up whites to be executed  by minorities on prime time television we need to stop all this cow towing and make a stand. It would be great if we could find a leader with a set of balls to stand with us.



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