Why is Ron Paul Lying and insluting whites in the military

Why is Ron Paul Lying and Insulting Whites in the Military?

Why is Ron Paul Lying and insluting whites in the militaryWhy is Ron Paul Lying and Insulting Whites in the Military?

If Ron Paul wants to attack other candidates and misrepresent their positions or actions, that his business, but when he attacks and insults the military and SPECIFICALLY whites -the vast majority of our military – then it’s time to call him out on this and expose it for all to see.

Ron Paul’s descent into a world of lies and racial insults is accelerating at a rapid pace.

The most pressing reason for me to set the record straight  is  because none of the other candidates seem to have the balls to tell the truth and take Ron Paul to task.



Perhaps this is  because of his frail health due to his age or perhaps it’s the pressure of the campaign, either of those would be understandable but if that’s the case then he should cowboy up, bone up on facts and apologize.

Ron Paul has to understand that he can no longer quote or paraphrase far left liberal kooks like Harry Reid, Ron Paul, Sheila Jackson Lee and the Democratic underground and then pass himself off as a “conservative”

That is exactly what Ron Paul did in last night debate when he despicably stated that “minorities in the military suffer more” REALLY?





Is Ron Paul trying to say that minorities “suffer more” when wounded?
That’s just idiotic. How does that make any sense to anyone

Is Ron Paul trying to say that minorities suffer more casualties than whites ?
Well that’s not just idiotic it’s absolutely  a bold face lie !

Is Ron Paul trying to say that minorities are  proportionately overrepresented in the military as compared to the racial makeup of the country?
Once again that’s just not true and it’s especially not true in time of war and in fact the two major minorities in America the black and Hispanic minority are severely UNDERREPRESENTED in the military.

As I mentioned before Ron Paul is not the only one promoting these lies. Far left lunatics, perhaps projecting their own putrid morality, are always repeating this mantra. These are the groups that conservatives and libertarians ridicule ,a rightfully so , as being  truth challenged. Why is Ron Paul so willingly identifying himself with this group?
Just a modicum of fact checking would tell Ron Paul that that is simply not true.

Why is Ron Paul Lying and Insulting Whites in the Military?

A simple Google search would have educated Ron Paul on the enlistment numbers of minorities, especially the black minority. Even the Associated Press and the Democratic Underground agree that black enlistment has dr0pped shamefully low during the Global War on Terror. Here is PBS quoting the Associated Press “Black enrollment in the military has dropped by more than a third since the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq began, according to data compiled by the Associated Press. The drop was even more pronounced in the Army, which has seen black enlistment drop from 23 percent of recruits before the war to 12.4 percent in 2006. “ Source

The left is excusing this as a protest against “George Bush’s wars” but didn’t Ron Paul himself state that he disagreed with the war but when drafted he went  anyway  – he was a surgeon.

The exhaustive studies conducted by the Heritage Foundation further show that Ron Paul is perpetuating the left wing lie about the military.

“Members of the all-volunteer military are significantly more likely to come from high-income neighborhoods than from low-income neighborhoods. Only 11 percent of enlisted recruits in 2007 came from the poorest one-fifth (quintile) of neighborhoods, while 25 percent came from the wealthiest quintile “

And also that “Hispanics are largely under­represented among new recruits, with troop-to-population ratios of 0.64 in 2006 and 0.65 in 2007.” Source

I have no idea why Ron Paul is spreading these lies and there certainly is no excuse  for it.

Call him and tell him to retract these outrageous statements and apologize to our military and especially to the white service men and women whom he insulted!


Ron Paul  855 886 0779

Thank you for reading Why is Ron Paul Lying and Insulting Whites in the Military?


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3 Responses to Why is Ron Paul Lying and Insulting Whites in the Military?

  1. Tkoop January 9, 2012 at 10:14 pm #

    You are not seriously this ignorant? Minorities enlist more per capita than whites thus they die in war more per capita.

    • 4evercon January 15, 2012 at 8:51 pm #

      Only in your racist bigoted mind, in reality they don’t.

    • casey February 4, 2012 at 1:01 pm #

      20+ years in the military you are woefully misinformed. And on another point try and get a minority to leave the wire or take point

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