Why I went to the Tea Party. Updated

The Second NYC Tea Party April 2009

The Second NYC Tea Party April 2009. This is the spill over crowd the Podium was a block away across the street

“We have run out of places to run to

Those of us that will go to the tea parties share many common reasons for attending them. We are all deeply concerned about the unprecedented spending and power grab that the democrats and Obama have unleashed.

We are very worried that that most of this spending has been done to promote programs that will adversely impact our economy to its very foundation.

We are deeply concerned about the nationalization of  the banking and car manufacturing industries the intrusion into our lives via the various provision of the “Cap and slave ” bill and the endless list of extra -constitutional czars.

Obama and the democrat’s policies are aiming to turn here into the miserable deadly ” there” from whence we escaped!

We are concerned that we are compromising the well being of our children and future generations trough spending and trough the passage of bills are are anathema to the very soul of our nation.

All these issues and more are what constitutes the common denominator that will  bring us together in protest. We do however each of us have many other, more personal reasons as to why we will march in these protests.

I would like to share with you some of mine.

Whether we are new legal immigrants to this nation or whether we can trace out lineage to long forgotten times when our forefathers came to this country all have one thing in common:

Not a one  came to America because they got tired of the good life in their native land!

Whether to escape the clutches of tyranny or the clutches of famine or those of religious persecution all came here seeking the shining promise that still is America

The generation of immigrants that I belong to came here to escape the paradise offered by perhaps the most perverse and deadly of all
liberal experiments, communism!

My father escaped from an Eastern European country in 1971 and finally four years later the rest of the family including yours truly were allowed to join him.

The term communism is now liberally used to describe all the countries formerly  trapped, with FDR’s consent, behind the Iron Curtain but that is very misleading. With the exception of the Soviet Union none of the countries actually described themselves as communist, but rather as SOCIALIST!

From East Germany to Poland, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Romania, etc. the murderous despotic governments of the Warsaw Pact nations thought themselves socialists. In fact the motto of these dictatorial governments was “socialism on the way communism!” ( The obamunist don’t yet use that slogan, give’em tine)

That fifty or so year long road to communism ended up being paved with misery the kind not seen on this planet to that date or since.

That road, that process of becoming communists, of reaching the left wing Utopian vision, started with confiscation of private property, confiscation of fire arms, youth volunteer corps, censure of the media and the printing of text books with fictitious information , the corruption or co-opting of religious organizations and the destruction of the family unit.

Those us that went to elementary schools in that regime learned that the light bulb, the airplane, or the radio, etc. were invented by this or that heroic Soviet Comrade Inventor, I really had no idea who Edison was or that the Wright brothers even existed.


From that to gulags and mountains of dead bodies was but a very few short years. I want to emphasize the process aspect of the socialist holocaust because I feel that this is the exact process that we are experiencing now.

I that very same process  taking root in America now and that’s my paramount concern. To those of us who recognize the stench of “socialism  on the way to communism” it becomes a overriding concern and the need to engage all possible legal means to stop it becomes paramount.

My parents and many like them escaped form socialist eastern Europe or Communist Soviet Union or Cuba or China or many of the myriad of oppressed nations of this world of ours. Your parents, or forefathers did the same.

Where will our children escape to?

That’s it folks there is no more, the world is finite and there is no place to escape to anymore. Unless you fight here and now to reverse the “process” your children or their children will have to fight the battles you were to weak to fight and it will be a hell of a lot harder than just going to a Tea Party or showing up to vote. If you want to see what’s in store for them should you let them down just look at Iran. Is that what you want their inheritance to be?
We have run out of places to tun to! We have to make a stand here and now.


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