Who Stole Michael Steel ?

HaWaldo_06s anyone seen Michael Steele? Last I remember he left Fox for some other gig but I can’t quite remember what it was. If his new gig is some sort of covert position then heck he’s doing a great job ‘casue no one’s seen hide or hair of the guy for so long  I’m beginning to think he’s a myth.

The country is undergoing a desperate life and death battle for our very survival and Steele is busy doing…

The liberals are accusing law abiding Americans of being organized into a mob- granted  a well dressed mob but still-  sponsored by the RNC and big money backers and the general vast right wing thing.  Call me silly but I think that it would behoove the chairman of the damn RNC to come out swinging and set the record straight! Wouldn’t that be nice? Instead if it were up to the current limp wrist-ed midgets at the RNC we’d be left all alone to battle the most organized, demonic left wing political machine this country has ever seen.

Steele is not alone either, has anyone seen Romney or Giuliani or any of the former presidential contenders?

I did see one of them!  Thank God for Sarah Palin!

From the far northern lands  she sent down a thunderbolt of truth and turned the miserable leftist  death mongers right on their heads. She said “Death Panels” and the nation stirred!

A leader doesn’t cower into a corner rubbing his hands giggling hoping that the heavy lifting will be done by the rank and file.  A leader leads form the front, like a Marine! That is what Sarah did and that is why in the next election she’ll wipe the floor with the entire lot of giggling school girls that the RNC will put up against her, and Krauthammer too.

Face it Michale , Sarah Palin is the defacto leader of  not just the wavering Republican party but of all conservatives and independents and whomever else isn’t in the mood to give up our country without a fight


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