WHO Lies About US Health Care System

Cancer SurvivalAmong the many lies spewed by the Obamunists and the liberals perhaps the most perverse is the same one that’s promoted by the equally leftist World Health Organization (WHO).

The WHO claims that the US health care is ranked number 37 in the world.

Nothing can be furtheer fromt he truth. US Healthcare is overall, the best in the world, and it is that  by order of magnitudes ,  compared to any other  similarly  sized nation .

Here are the chief points used by the WHO to continue to promote their  bull shit.

1) Infant Mortality Rate. The WHO claims that US infant mortality rate is among the highest for developed nations. That’s the first in a a long list of bold faced lies that we will expose. I posted at length on that one here

2) Average Life Expectancy There is no way to calculate what effect health care has on the average life expectancy  in any country using the WHO matrix. The reason for that is becasue the WHO also, conveniently, ads death from non natural causes into its calculations.

The US ranks number one in car accident fatalities worldwide.

In no other country in the world is driving a car as affordable as in the US that’s why we have more drivers and more driver  miles per year that any other country and that’s why we have more accidents. Also compared to say Germany our Driver License tests are a joke. Should we reform health-care for that reason?

The WHO also factors combat KIA in their life expectancy formula.

That’s really a despicable move considering that our trauma medicine, especially for combat wounds has reached levels undreamed of, much less matched, in any other country in the world.  US Military men and women are now able to survive wounds that would have been fatal just 10 or even 5  years prior to the Iraq war! Should we  reform all that and revert to what we had before?

Lets get tot the nitty gritty of health care. Here is the reality of survival rates for the most common cancers and heart disease in the US vs Europe and Canada, the two health care systems that the Obamunists so often tout!

Overall Cancer Survival

As the chart below  shows Europe’s survival rates are much lower than in the US, where 66.3 per cent of men and 62.9 per cent of women survive for five years, compared with 47.3 per cent of European men and 55.8 per cent of women. Source

Brest Cancer

Overall, five-year relative breast cancer survival was higher in North America at 80% or greater compared with Europe, where survival was mostly in the 70% to 79% range. Source

Colon Cancer

While the overall five-year survival for colon cancer in America is 62%, it’s 43% in Europe. Source

Bladder, Prostate, Uterine, Lung, Thyroid, and Malignant Melanoma

The World Health Organization  themselves and the British medical journal Lancet, admit that  five-year survival rates for 13 of 16 types of cancer (including bladder, prostate, breast, uterine, lung, thyroid, and malignant melanoma) are consistently higher for patients in the United States than for Europeans.  These figures report statistics for all Americans, not only those with private insurance.

“British citizens suffering from lung cancer are half as likely to survive for five years compared with Americans diagnosed with the disease.”

The American survival rate for leukemia is almost 50% while the European rate is significantly lower, just 35%. Esophageal carcinoma is often deadly, but compared with their European counterparts, American patients are more than twice as likely to survive the disease for five years. Source

Age-standardized death rates in central and eastern European countries are four to five times greater than the rates in the United States and are increasing.2 Source

Hear disease and treatment

“Mortality data for 23 105 US and 2898 Canadian patients enrolled in GUSTO-I were obtained from national mortality databases. Median follow-up was 5.46 years in the US and 5.33 years in the Canadian cohort. Five-year mortality rate was 19.6% among US and 21.4% among Canadian patients (P=0.02). After baseline adjustment, enrollment in Canada was associated with a higher hazard of death (1.17; 95% confidence interval, 1.07 to 1.28, P=0.001). Revascularization rates during the index hospitalization in the United States were almost 3 times those in Canada: 30.5% versus 11.4% for angioplasty and 13.1% versus 4.0% for bypass surgery (P<0.01 for both). After accounting for revascularization status as a time-dependent covariate, country was no longer a significant predictor of long-term mortality. These results were confirmed in a propensity-matched analysis.

-Our results suggest, for the first time, that the more conservative pattern of care with regard to early revascularization in Canada for ST-segment elevation acute myocardial infarction may have a detrimental effect on long-term survival. Our results have important policy implications for cardiac care in countries and healthcare systems wherein use of invasive procedures is similarly conservative.” Source

The reasons that the WHO rank US health care so low has little or nothing to do with actual health care but only with the propagation of dictatorial left wing agendas. The same agendas that Obama wants to promote.

Cancer Survival


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6 Responses to WHO Lies About US Health Care System

  1. Shorty from Tn. August 10, 2009 at 8:41 pm #

    Totally agree!!! Emailed Obama re: many issues, all opposing his plans. Requested reply. Rec’d one from David Axelrod, chief advisor to the pres. He states we need a reality check. Proceeded to inform me of ways their health “insurance” reform will benefit all Americans. He focused on this issue only. Yikes!! What’s their hurry in getting this plan passed and what are they hiding in this bill that noone has actually had time or opportunity to read??? I personally don’t want the govt. ivolved in my life any more than they are already. We’re a democracy not a socialist society!!!!

    • admin August 11, 2009 at 4:05 am #

      You have hit upon a point I was just going to post about. The Democrats, Obama included have confessed that they don’t know all the intricacies of the bill, yet they are out there beating up people for opposing it!
      Thanks for a great comment, don’t be a stranger.

  2. Gavin August 12, 2009 at 3:56 am #

    Yes, but the American government spends more per capita on healthcare than most nations with socislised care. What is the point in paying tax and insurance for the same thing?

    As a moderate-conservative, my ideal situation would be to retain private care but provide socislised insurance for the working and lower-middle classes.

    • admin August 12, 2009 at 12:30 pm #

      I see so you say that you area a conservative… Hmmm it seems that your comments betray your liberalism.
      You say that we are paying “tax and insurance” for the same thing and your solution is to socialize medicine?
      Bzzzzzz. Wrong answer lib! A conservative’s answer and that of any thinking human being would be to say that we should eliminate the tax part as much as possible and thus not pay twice “for the same thing”
      You see, its easy to impersonate liberals, all one has to do is repeat slogans. Unfortunately for you to impersonate a conservative you have to think

  3. Patricia August 22, 2009 at 12:50 pm #

    I guess US infant mortality can be highest if you add in abortions. I also understand they are including combat deaths in their other statistics on mortality for adults (not WHO, but Obama)

    This experience has served to let us know that who is really related to the Obama movement so we don’t get lulled into thinking it is a myriad of organizations…it is really one giant socialist movement speaking with various faces speaking with one tongue now.

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