What The Hell Is Going On Here?

This will be a continuously updated post – at least until we figure out what’s what. Updates are linked at the bottom

Update1 posted 7/01/10

Looking at the events that unfolded in the past twenty or so days I have to admit that  I am as  befuddled as I am concerned. The wonder of these events are only matched  by the wondrous amount of lack of media coverage.

First please  recall Obama’s  despicable, and unprecedented,  no show at he Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day.

That was followed by a complete, and equally despicable, failure to commemorate D-day. Obama preferred instead to go to see a show.

About two days later, Hillary Clinton, in Ecuador, decides to out Obama’s plans to file suit against the sate of Arizona. The media sits on this for about another week or so and they they decide to report it.

Then of course comes the Rolling Stone magazine article about McChrystal.  McChrystal is promptly fired and  our most respected general, Patreus is promoted and will soon be whisked out of the country and off to Afghanistan. (I am not entirely sure of this as Patreus will be fulfilling two jobs , that of  CENTCOM commander and that of  Commander of International Security  Forces in Afghanistan. Will he be working form Tampa or Kabul?)

During a lot of this time Rahm Emanuel disappears for about an entire month. He then surfaces in time for a ridiculous “squirt gun” party. Could it have been more obvious that they needed a story to cover up the fact that he went missing for such an extended period.

Al Gore suddenly gets a rare does of bad publicity form the media for an alleged sex scandal that was kept out of the public eye for so many years.

We then have the visit form Russia’s President, Medvedev to the White House and it looks like he and Obama are best of friend. No sooner do the two finish their tonsil hockey game that the FBI  hands Obama  a big steaming pile of embarrassment, and maybe a warning,  in the form of the arrest of eleven Russian spies.

Almost simultaneously Bill Clinton gets on his hind legs and speculates that perhaps the Navy should take charge of the oil spill and in doing so manages to show in ten seconds more leadership in the matter than Obama has shown in a month. As a bonus Clinton’s actions also show how indecisive and limp Obama truly is. It’s worth noting that faithful  Clinton operative James Carville was the first to point out Obama short comings in dealing with the oil spill.

Finally, today,  a report surfaced  implying that Obama’s deplorable treatment of the UK  may be due  to the daily torture and whipping that his grandfather received at the hands of  the British.

OK so what the heck is going on here?

Why was Obama so furious at the our military that he decided to boycott two of our most sacred occasions? Why did Hillary out Obama in Ecuador. Where was Rahm Emmanuel and what was he doing there? Why was McChrystal fired when it is clear, from the rolling Stone Article, that he said nothing that merited such action? Was Al Gore neutralized by the sex scandal? What did Obama say to Medvedev that prompted the FBI  to immediately  embarrass the hell out of Obama by announcing the arrest of 11 Russian spies before the Russian spittle even had a chance to dry on Obama’s cheek? Why did Clinton decide to upstage Obama so publicly and effectively?

This is an absolutely inordinate amount of  powerful events to happen in such a short amount of time so no I don’t believe it is happening haphazardly. If we also add the strange circumstances surrounding the BP explosion the odds of all this happening in a span of a few days reach truly worrisome levels.

No I have no idea where this is going but I have a suspicion that  it isn’t going to be pretty.

Update1 – Why Did Clinton Back Romanoff?


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