What No One Asked Gen. Casey

Gen Casey in the middle the other two you already  know

Gen. Casey in the middle the other two you already know

No one  but the Conunderground that is.  I’ll ask it becasue if I don’t, I’ll be guilty of the same hypocrisy and racism with which Gen. Casey covered himself.

This article has been a long time coming for two reasons. First becasue I really hate to write an article condemning any member of the military and second becasue every time I start to write this my blood boils and I have to  stop and go do something else to let off steam.

Lets make this mercifully fast and save our selves undue pain. General Casey statement on the virtues of military diversity for diversity’s sake are idiotic to say the least. I would normally say that and just chuck it up to another PC imbecile serving Obama but if I do that then I’ll be betraying the obligations that we all have to every Marine, Soldier, Sailor and Airman who has given his life in the defense of our freedom and to all those who currently serve in our armed forces.

To state that diversity is the strength of a military is probably the dumbest thing I heard anyone say since Obama enumerated his visits to all of our 57 states. It certainly trumps Biden’s nostalgic waxing of  FDR’s televised  “Fireside Chats”

In all of humanity’s history is there any other organization that has spent more time and money to develop and promote homogeneity than the military? For God’s sake why does Casey think that the  military wears uniforms and why the heck does he think the attire is called “UNIFORM” in the first damn place?
This tripe comes form the mouth of a general? And not just a general but the Chief of Staff of the Army?

We are doomed!

Lets further dissect this individual’s statement, “If we lose our diversity, that will be an even bigger tragedy.”

The callousness displayed by this individual’s  seeming disregard for the lives of 13 soldiers and one innocent baby cannot be understated. What exactly is the benefit that we derive form this “diversity” that is worth fourteen lives?

“Son you’re about an individual”Those words still ring my ear as it does for all those who ever finished Marine Corps – and I assume that of other military branches as well- basic training, and no it isn’t a compliment. Heck I’m tempted to drop and do “mountain climbs” every time I think of them. Understand that no military on earth has now or has ever denied the crucial necessity of unity and complete assimilation into one’s military unit. This is accomplished by an almost total denial of the individual’s uniqueness and the emphasis of that individual’s shared traits with his fellow soldiers. This is such a key concept in military thinking that an enormous amount of time and effort is devoted to it in any basic or even advanced indoctrination and training program. It has been thus for millenia , with armies raising and organizing entire regiments strictly form the inhabitants of a certain region. Some of the more famed such units are of course the Scotts’ Black Watch, the Coldstrem Guards, and many others such as the legendary locally raised regiments on the US Civil War. On the Confederate side we ca remember the 6th Louisiana Tigers or 28th Virginia and on the Union side 69th New York or the immortal 1st Minnesota. There is one apparent notable exception to this , the French Foreign Legion, but closer inspection reveals that even the Legion Etrangere is itself a very homogenized group. Throughout its history the legion’s ranks have been dominated by a majority of one or another national group thus providing the same unit cohesion – that comes form the unity shared by those with common backgrounds – as other military units. For many years the saying about the Legion was that it ‘was as strong as its weakest German soldier” belaying the number of German soldiers who had joined the Legion after WWII

What exactly would be so tragic if we don’t bow down to the left wing demon that is Casey’s  beloved “diversity”


I really  want someone to ask Casey what specif jobs he thinks that non Christians and non whites can perform better than whites? If the answer is that there aren’t any then Casey should resign and go hide in shame!

The reason I ask which job would be performed better by anyone other than white Christians  is because the US military is overwhelmingly made up of white Christians…and I might add that we do pretty damn good and did so throughout history.

So understand that when Casey sheds his tears for “diversity” while turning his back on the victims of the same – and also turns his back on the inevitable future victims of his beloved “diversity”- Casey is really lamenting the possibility of a whiter more Christian military.

The reality , and Casey knows this full well, is that the most dangerous MOS-es ( Military occupational Specialty) are overwhelmingly “non-diversified” – some to the tune of 99.8% . The same can be said about the the MOS-es that require the highest level of skill sets.  These MOS-es are filled almost exclusively by whites.

Furthermore, contrary to the image portrayed by the  MSM yentas , in time of war whites volunteer for military service more than minorities and make up an even bigger percentage of the combat skills . None other than the Associated Press reported as much when it noted that blacks are not volunteering  for service during the war effort in Iraq and Afghanistan.  ( The Army took down the study, of course, but it was reported on enough websites that they cant’ cover it up; all the same you might want to copy and save it becasue who knows  how long it will be until the  Obamunists take them all down. Here is one place you can find it Fox News . ) Some have said that the black community is just reflecting the unpopularity of the war but as EurWeb.com notes “Even in 2003, when there was overwhelming support for the war among the rest of the nation, African American support never rose above 44 percent in any major poll”  That translated  to an incredible almost 50% drop in enlistment for blacks  “In the Army, the branch of the military traditionally favored by Blacks, the percentage of Black enlistees has dropped from 23 percent before the war to just 12.4 percent today.

The exhaustive study conducted by the Heritage Foundation also shows that in this latest war effort Hispanics were also sadly and pitifully  underrepresented. Hispanics are largely under­represented among new recruits, with troop-to-population ratios of 0.64 in 2006 and 0.65 in 2007.”

This is not the place to try and identify the mysterious reasons that blacks  have such a severe drop in enlistment during war time or why Hispanics are so stingy with their enlistment altogether , we’ll leave that for another day.

We do however want to ask Mighty General Casey, what exactly would be so tragic about not having people who refuse to  enlist during war time,  in the military altogether?  Someone please remind Gen. Casey of the purpose of the military!

When Sotomayor stated that ” a  wise old latina would be a  better judge  than a white man” I turned the tables and posed the following question ” under what circumstances will a white man be a better judge than a latina.” I’m still waiting for an answer from the left.

I now ask General Casey: General if losing diversity is, for the Army,  a tragedy greater than losing the lives of 13 soldiers and one innocent baby, then pray tell us which military occupations  do you think that minorities can perform better than whites?

I’ve warned you that if Sotomayor gets confirmed to the Supreme Court then the anti white racism so cheerfully and unrepentantly promoted by  her and Barack Hussein Obama  and Holder and Rich  and Michelle Obama and so many friends and supporters and staff of this administration, will become the de facto policy of the United Stated of America….AND SO IT HAS!

( I have a lot more to say on this and I will update the post periodically so please come back and revisit)


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