What Is “SWAT Inspection Teams”

Marines BoardingBuried deep in the bombastic headlines touting that Obama has found a new pretext for immediately halting all “new offshore drilling” is a small blurb mentioning the dispatching of “SWAT” inspection teams to the rigs”

SWAT stands for Special Weapons and Tactics  and one has to wonder why exactly is Obama sending  SWAT teams to conduct inspections?  Inspections!? Doe SWAT training now encompass deep water drilling engineering courses?

Second what specific SWAT teams are there that have expertise in taking down or securing oil rigs? I can think of two, Seal Teams and USMC. Is this who Obama dispatched? IF SO THESE ARE COUNTER TERRORISM TEAMS.

I have to admit that there is a chance that these “SWAT inspection teams” were called out to check for excessive corrosion  but I really doubt that their mission is “inspection” just as I am really beginning  to doubt that the explosion was an accident.


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