What did Obama get from G-20?

We know that he practically gave the Europeans carte  blanche to regulate our financial companies and big swaths of our industry.  We know that he apologized to the Chinese and the Indians for our prosperity and for the scientific advances that we made ahead of them and anyone else. We know that he blamed American whites for the world’s problems.

But I have one question for the Manchild.

What the hell did he win for the United States of America?

Did he open up new markets? Did he win  new military commitments ? Did he win new intelligence agreements? Trade concessions?  Anything?

Did we just spend a fortune to send him and his racist militant wife all the way to Europe and he just gave the damn store away? It sure seems so!

The fool actually issued the statement that  “we’re starting to see some restoration of America’s standing in the world.”

Barry  you don’t even know that they are laughing at you.  Laughing at you in Europe that is, in Asia the North  Koreans saw how spineless you are and are launching what will be one of many missiles.

Barry you have copmpromised world security. Your weekness will bring about untold misery and soon. It seems that the Japanese will be the first to experince the fruit of your unmatched leadership prowess but they won’t be the last.

The only thing that America has to apologize for is for electing you.


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