We Are The Laughing Stock Of Terrorists Everywhere

Of course the whole world knows that Obama is intensifying  the war.  No not the GWOT but his war against  America! Even the terrorists know this!

Instead of using every single possible attorney and prosecutor to fight terrorism -after all the Dems say that the GWOT is a legal and judicial matter- Obama is tying up the Justice Department in what promises to be an endless prosecution of the CIA.

Now I get it!  When the democrats say that “terrorism is a judicial issue” what they mean is that they’ll use the judiciary to enable the terrorists. Well if that’s the goal then yeah I guess the best way to do it is to go after the CIA.  We all know that intelligence is the most important thing we have in the GWOT so why not make sure that we can no longer obtain any of that? That’ll fix it.

If that takes too long then just go ahead and allow liberals to show pictures and videos of undercover CIA agents to Al Qaida terrorists. That’s the American way you know! “ A Justice Department investigation is now apparently investigating whether photos of covert CIA officials surreptitiously taken by the American Civil Liberties Union’s “John Adams Project” were unlawfully shown to terrorist detainees charged with organizing the attacks of 9/11.”(source) How many special prosecutors has Obama appointed to handle this? How many arrests have been made? How many people indicted for this  treason?

Of course you know the answer to this and so do the terrorists. They also know that instead of focusing on them the Obama Department of Homeland Security is instead busy putting returning veterans on  the terrorist  watch list, or whatever the hell they call their lists !( And FOX’s Sam Shepard   couldn’t wait to gloat how about how right the government was to do just that)

Do you think AlQaida didn’t see this and celebrate? The very people that we asked  to destroy terrorists are returning home and these despicable scum bags are  painting them with the same brush as thse who  kill innocents each and every day. Don’t you think that Mohamed Kaboom poppped a fresh bottle of goat milk to celebrate Bug Eyed Napolitano’s lists?

Anyway you know all this and Al Qaida does also and so they literally have absolutely nothing to fear. If they are cornered they can just give  up and surrender. They  will not be killed , there will be no death penalty but if there is a serviceman who looks at you askew rest assure that Obama will prosecute him to the full extent of his putrid imagination.

So yeah, if you are a terrorist just surrender and you’ll get three squares consisting of  ethnically appropriate  menus. That’s all nothing else will happen to you! Maybe you’ll get gas from the undercooked braised leg of lamb but that’s it. If you don’t like the judge appointed to ensure that your pilaf is to your liking just fire the worthless infidel and request that you get a movie to watch , After all why show upat at hearings anyway?  Sure the judge can order you taken out of your cell by force but rest assured that no one will do any such thing !

While you can just look in disgust upon the Obama enabled shenanigans of the 911 terrorists and just shake you head in disbelief be sure to also look at your loved ones and understand that the  terrorists and would be terrorists hiding in the caves of far off lands such as Queens NY or Jersey City New Jersey or New Fallujha Michigan  know that they have nothing to fear.  That’s the Obama legacy!

Here is FOX’s report form Gitmo regarding the new tactics that Obama is using in the GWOT and how well they work!

Breaking news — coming out of Gitmo just moments ago a military judge grading in new sixty day delay. In the 9/11 war crimes trial involving confessed mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and two other suspects and not get this. Kind of bizarre twist the men acting — their own — attorneys have now refused to come to court today.”

” Well it was really I can’t — a better word but a crazy situation we had a couple of very interesting developments. A first and foremost the judge has granted this sixty day continuous to the administration which was really  foregone conclusion. Second we really had the clearest sign yet that the judge in this case is gonna do nothing with — conspirators until the Obama administration pulls the trigger. and finally decides whether they’re gonna keep the case in the commissions or transferred to federal court the judge said.   Perhaps more bizarre ,is that the  three 911 conspirators including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed who by the way are representing themselves as their own attorneys in this case, refused to come to the courtroom today. They asked that their standby — backup council represent them. Then these backup lawyers were asked to argue a motion that the 911 conspirators actually have fired them.

Its really good to see the terrorist make idiots out of the scum bag ACLU imbeciles representing them isn’t it?


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