UN Says Wonder Woman Is Too White And Racist!

Wonder Woman’s whiteness disqualifies her from being a symbolic UN ambassador for peace and women’s empowerment. Just to make sure that their racism isn’t too “overt” the UN racists also added her beauty as a disqualification. Wonder woman is too white and too pretty to represent women?

Another complain that was voiced by the handful of reprobates who would even bother to sign such a petition is that:  “Finally, this concern is not just an issue for women. It also for men, as stressed in the United Nations “He for She” campaign, to question gender-based assumptions and be advocates for gender equality.”

Yes folks Winder woman is also disqualified because apparently she self identifies and is easily identified as a woman.

What sealed her fate as unqualified to represent the dictators, would be dictators, rapists and pedophiles at the UN is the American flag motif on the suit!


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