Today we lost!

We had a great shot today to set the bastards on their heels and we blew it. When I say we I really mean you, yeah you and I!

Today the Senate voted against the Right To Carry Provision. This provision, attached to the Defense Spending Bill would have made it illegal for states to not honor C.C. permits of other, more civilized states, which issue them. The provision introduced by the great John Thune, God I hope he makes a run for the presidency soon, almost passed. That one additional phone call might have made a difference , did you call?

Neocon Radio AWOL

What really upsets me is the damn so called Conservative Media; Talk radio. How many of the top neo-con impostors that yell and scream on the radio every night actually said a damn peep about this? Hannity? Not a damn word, The four yentas, Levine, . Smirconish and Maltzberg or Schmaltberg or whatever the hell his name is didn’t say word one.

Mike Weiner aka Savage? Ha are you kidding me the guy displays the same typical neo-con aversion to the second amendment as the rest of them.

Did Levin call for a surge? Of course not like all neocons he thinks that you are just a little smarter than the libs think we are but certainly not smart enough to carry a gun.

Did Rush step up to the plate? After all, the vote was during his program? Don’t make me laugh, Rush only gets excited when you buy his T-shirts and when he peddles Levin’s silly, sophomoric and inaccurate comic book. ( I’ll post on that later. I’ve held back but no more)

Talk Radio-What’s in it for me

Which brings me to this, God forbid any of them has a book coming out with which to fleece you then its non stop propaganda, but not one of them thought the second amendment important enough to help us mount an offense.
I don’t want to post on this anymore right now- what more can I say anyway? We blew it that’s it. I’m going to have dinner and watch Obama make an idiot of himself. I’m so disgusted.


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