Times Square “Bomb” Questions

TIMESSQUARE-EVACUATION/There are questions surrounding the the alleged  Time’ Square   bombing attempt that so far don’t add up.  Maybe as evidence is gathered and disseminated these questions will be answered but for now, they are still a mystery.

Unlike the rest of the media we will not jump to conclusions but we’ll recap what we know so far.

1) The “Bomb

The alleged delivery system for the bomb was an suv left  on the street with the blinkers on

The alleged explosive devise was designed, intentionally or not,  to cause more of a fire ball, like an incendiary device,  rather than a high impact detonation

Thankfully the device did not work but did produce enough smoke to alert bystanders

The  alleged perpetrator

As of now we the public have no idea as to who the suspects are if any. That’s as it should be.

The questions

Times Square, as anyone who ever even attempted to stop a car,  much less park or stand there is jam packed with law enforcement, traffic enforcement, and parking enforcement and attempting to park a car and leave the vehicle is not something that goes unnoticed.

1) Why was this SUV able stop and stand with “blinkers on to boot”   and how long was it allowed to stand until smoke came out of the the fender and someone noticed

2) The timing is also strange. Times Square is much more crowded at rush hour, both morning and after noon, than it is on a weekend eve. Why was  the “bomb” planted on a weekend?

3) We are told that there is no suspect in custody and we are told that they have no leads or video of the suspect and yet we are shown a video of – as FOX and the rest of the media describe him – “a 40ish white male  changing his shirt”

I have more questions, a lot more, and I’ll post them in the future but for now let’s leave it at this and let’s also note that the good Samaritans are two black men, one we are told is a Vietnam Veteran and let’s also note that not long  before the discovery of the “bomb”  National Enquirer broke the story that they have confirmations of a possible Obama sex scandal.

Below is the video of the “possible suspect” changing shirts.


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