THE SHAME OF NYC! VeriFone & WABC-TV on 911!

Today I had to take two cab rides in NYC that took longer than usual. Friday at rush hour in NYC you can expect your cab ride to be long and expensive and if you add to that sideways rain and street closings due the 911 memorial festivities, well, just settle in and be thankful that you’re not outside still looking desperately for a cab.

Thus ensconced in the back of the  cab with no hope or early release I took a look at the small television touch  screens that’s embedded in the back of the front seats. Like most New Yorkers On any other day the only time I look at that screen is when I pay by credit card because the touch screen feature is what you use to finalize the transaction. During the ride however commercials and sport news and what have you provide background noise  and are , as I said, ignored by most New Yorkers.

Today however partly because I was stuck in that seat with no escape in sight partly because I couldn’t get a signal on the I Phone  and partly to see if I can catch a glimpse of what was going on at the World Trade Center I decided to focus on that smal screen . As  a seemingly endless stream  of incredibly meaningless news shorts and commercials advertising upcoming TV shows conspired to really make me question the present and future of mankind one thing was conspicuously absent. As hard as I tride I could find no mention of 911!!   Disgusted, and intrigued but mostly discussed,  I began  to fidget with some of the touch screen buttons. There was one for ESPN, one for News one  Food and a few others for fashion and some other such nonsense.  Pressing any of them resulted in what surely has to be a record of the most useless information packed on a small screen but nothing about 911.

Then it happened ! On the scrolling marquee bar was a mention of 911. It was  probably fortuitous that at the time I was in a taxicab and with nowhere to go and my groans and curses rattled  no one else but the poor driver. The only sole mention of 911  was this ” Muslims  more afraid of retribution with each passing 911″

That’s it ! That is the only mention of 911WABC and VeriFone though fitting to mention in NEW YORK CITY taxi cabs!

I am not sure where the hell to even begin . This is  the kind of betrayal and insult that gives one flashbacks to Muslims dancing and cheering in the streets  as the towers were coming down crushing the innocent Americans that didn’t jump out of the windows to their deaths . This reminded one  that Jamie Gorelick, the person most responsible for our inability to defend against 911 was rewarded with a $20 million dollar bonus and sent  to destroy Fannie Mae.  It  brought back memories of  Bill Clinton  stating that he had no reason to accept UBL from the Sudanese and of  scum bag Sandy Burger “absentmindedly” sticking top secret documents up his ass so he can sneak them out. God only knows what he snuck in. In short the entire gamut of the social putrefaction that  the left virus leaves in its wake  is illustrated and summarized by this.

Who is responsible? Well in a sense we all are for letting them get away with this. More directly however, the screens are provided by VeriFone Transportation Systems, an alliance of VeriFone Holdings and Taxitronic, the leading supplier of taxicab meters in New York, this is their contact information . The programing is done by WABC-TV and you can contact them here … .Please do!


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