The Obama Empire Strikes Back

Obama warsNo sooner did the Scott Brown victory speech hall get swept of the confetti and empty Styrofoam cups that the Obama machine struck back with a fury and devastation that truly makes me worry about the future of our country!

The declaration of war against the free market capitalism  that the Obama Marxist machine has issued under the guise of new bank regulations had the exact desired effect. Markets from Hong Kong to New York capped a a week long collapse on Friday with the worst losses seen this year.

The message is a simple as it is direct and brutal.  Obama can and will throw the planet into financial chaos!

If he can not gain power and control trough his health care machinations he will cause worldwide riots, issue marshal law and consolidate his dictatorship in that manner.

Do you think for a second that Obama gives a rat’s azz about proprietary trading? Of course not he couldn’t describe what proprietary is with four TelePrompters  and Volcker whispering in one ear and Geithener in the other.
And no he doesn’t give a damn that bank is or isn’t too big to fail if he did then the first financial institution he’s go after are  the ones that pose the most immediate danger, The Federal Reserve bank, and Fannie Mae .  Rest assured you won’t see him do that because that isn’t his goal.

A quick word on proprietary trading.  If Obama really had even an inkling of placing safeguards to prevent banks from taking what he terms excessive risk – who the hell is he anyway to determine what is excessive risk – he could do it in a much less intrusive manner.  But no, Obama  prefers instead to sever the carotid artery of the free market system, the so called “proprietary trading.” The term itself is indeed very misleading and encompass many activities ranging from transactions in the dreaded credit swaps to very short term market making activities. It’s no accident that Obama chose to not be more more specific

The Obama goal is, as he has stated so many times to “change America” and if you think that he’ll stop just becasue you voted for Scott Brown you are kidding yourself.  Earlier this month, Obama proposed a new tax  on large banks and insurance companies that would charge them  $90 billion over 10 years. Understand that this tax would be placed on all banks not just those that took the money that Obama doled out.

Obam knows that what got him elected was the same exact thing that got Clinton elected , a   manufactured financial crisis. He understands very well that without a “crisis” he is headed for the trash heap of history and that odds are better than even that he is also headed for impeachment. He knows that his only salvation is a crisis. The same crisis the Rahm Emmanuel is so desperately looking for and the same crisis the Saul Alinsky prescribes .

Already the announcement that he made in regard to “proprietary trading” regulations  set any chance of an economic  recovery back at least four to six months! Obama knows this and he knows that he will face a hostile congress after the November elections.  He also knows that only way to avoid that is to make sure that the elections never happen or occur only under martial law with ACORN and SEIU and new black Panthers “observing” the polling!

This week’s announcements were the first steps in creating the financial crisis that Obama needs.


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