The New Brown Shirts Are Rainbow Colored

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The Brown Shirts have become , and rightfully so, one of history’s most succinct expressions for modern era dictatorial brutality, anti democratic subversion and political intimidation.

The image of Hitler’s Brown Shirted battalions of thugs marching trough Berlin and intimidating, beating and killing political rivals are, or should be,  etched in the  universal consciousness of every living person.

What has however remained  hidden form the worldwide consciousness  is that the Brown Shirt’s legacy is in fact the legacy of  a left wing , socialist , anti Christian,  homosexual organization – and this omission is of course by design. Just do a search for   “Night of the Long Knives”  and see how many sites pop up that will even mention, except maybe in passing, that the SA’s  (the Brown Shirts) high command, including its leader Earnst Rohm  were  homosexuals… No that fact has to be kept hidden from the public because the evil in this world is created not by blacks or minorities or homosexuals but by conservative white heterosexual Christians don’t you know.

You heard said  that history repeats itself but how often did you believe it? More importantly how often did you actually see it happen? Well, it’s happening now. The new Brown Shirts live not in Germany but in the current bastion of socialist hatred, California. The new Brown Shirts are not street brawlers, not yet , but they are just as dangerous to innocent citizens who do nothing but exercise their constitutional rights!

Like then , the current Neo-Brown Shirts show complete disdain for the will of the people who voted in a lawful election.  That matters not to them, the only thing that matters to them is that they push their agenda down your throats. Their current issue is “gay marriage” but worry not, becasue if that ever becomes the law of the land they will find something else. I don’t know what but it could be that they might just want you pay some sort of reparations or even undergo treatment to cure your “heterosexuality”. After all but for your reproductive functions the earth would still be pristine would it not you homocentric heterosexual  polluter you.

Back to the subject. Its no coincidence that now, like then the socialists- Hitler then, the likes of Nancy Pelosi now- are using homosexuals to attack society and democracy! The rapid demise  of the Weimarcht republic was brought about using the homosexual Brown Shirts as shock troops and they are being used again for the same purpose. The difference is that this war is not one of street battles, like I said , not yet anyway, but it’s more of a cultural war, a war of misinformation and intimidation and  destruction of our societal values. Once again homosexuals are at the forefront of this destruction as they were in Germany and no it isn’t the first time that they attacked out institutions.  It doesn’t matter that thee homosexuals who infiltrated the Catholic church were not organized or centralized the effects were the same as if they had been sent out with specific instructions from the Comintern. The young children whose lives were permanently mutilated by the pedophile homosexuals were then used by other arms of the socialist hydra to attempt to destroy the Catholic Church. But wait, don’t you dare call them homosexuals they were only pedophiles who ahhh…only liked boys.  Fresh of that shameful episode – to them in fact a joyous victory- the homosexual community set it’s sites on the Boy Scouts seeking to destroy yet another of our most cherished institutions. Fortunately the Boy Scouts stood firm and the country rallied around them and we were able to stave off , at least for now, the homosexual  infection of the Boy Scouts.

Below is a courageous article by Rick Santorum in which he describes how the “neo-brown shirts” – my words not his- intimidate and attempt to humiliate Californians who voted for the natural God given institution of marriage. That they are able to do this is as much our fault as anyone’s. We as a society chose to look the other way and even accept the perversion and aberration that is homosexuality now we reap the results of our weakness.

The Elephant in the Room: No way to preach tolerance
Opponents of same- sex marriage have faced persecution in California.

By Rick Santorum

Kids need a mom and a dad. Californians who think the state’s marriage law should reflect this deeply held belief were forced to appeal directly to the people, with a 2008 referendum to overturn a state Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage. Proposition 8, an amendment to the state constitution defining marriage as being between one man and one woman, passed easily.

The reaction of some Prop 8 opponents – the self-proclaimed champions of tolerance – was swift and fierce. They moved to harass and persecute Prop 8 supporters.

Groups such as the misnamed “Californians Against Hate” published blacklists of Prop 8 backers that included supporters’ names and addresses. Prop 8 advocates became the target of harassing protests, phone calls, e-mails, and mailings.

A flier distributed in one town featured a photo of one Prop 8 backer, his name, the amount of his donation, and the name of his (Catholic) church. Next to his photo was the word “Bigot.”

Some Prop 8 campaign donors had to resign from their jobs or take leaves of absence to protect their employers and colleagues. Top officials of California Musical Theatre and the Los Angeles Film Festival were forced to resign just because they had donated in support of Prop 8.

That wasn’t all. These warriors for the oppressed also made a point of going after pro-Prop 8 Mormons and their church.

While this ugliness was exploding across California, the anti-Prop 8 forces also ran to the state courts to overturn the people’s will. They claimed – get this – that the amendment to the state constitution violated the state constitution.

But not even a state Supreme Court with a habit of rewriting the constitution would accept this illogical absurdity. It upheld Prop 8.

If the reliably progressive activists on the state Supreme Court couldn’t be counted on, where to go? How about going before a sympathetic federal district court judge in San Francisco to challenge Prop 8 as violating the U.S. Constitution?

Federal Judge Vaughn Walker has accepted the Prop 8 opponents’ assertion that constitutionality hinges on the attitudes of voters, not legal arguments and precedents. So he has consistently ruled in their favor, turning this trial into another instance of harassment of Prop 8 supporters.

Consider Walker’s precedent-breaking rulings in the trial, which began last month:

He decided that Prop 8 proponents should be subjected to questioning about their personal beliefs on marriage and sexuality.

He ordered Prop 8 proponents to disclose private communications about never-used campaign messages.

He directed the Prop 8 campaign to turn over copies of all internal records and e-mail messages on campaign strategy.

He refused not only to demand any of these things of the proposition’s opponents, but also to so much as rule on a motion related to that issue.

He subjected one proponent to humiliation for his concerns about homosexuality, as written in private e-mails to friends – in Chinese.

He allowed witnesses for opponents of the proposition to air their “expert” opinions that homosexuals have been discriminated against, that they feel bad when society does not validate their relationships, and that the passage of Prop 8 echoed historical bigotry foisted on society by religious zealots.

He even allowed one witness to testify that his parents tried to change his sexual orientation. The witness was a gay Colorado man who had never lived in California or been exposed to any Proposition 8 campaign messages.

In light of the campaign of harassment and intimidation of Prop 8 proponents, Walker’s most contemptible ruling would have had this show trial broadcast worldwide. The U.S. Supreme Court found he probably violated court rules in his attempt to take part in a “pilot project” allowing cameras in the courtroom.

The Supreme Court blocked the effort, but by then Prop 8 supporters had lost two-thirds of their expert witnesses, who feared they would be harassed and blacklisted.

California’s voters have spoken. The only point of Walker’s rigged trial is to convince appellate courts that voters who passed Proposition 8 are intolerant bigots. But an honest look at the behavior of both sides over the past year tells a very different story.


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2 Responses to The New Brown Shirts Are Rainbow Colored

  1. Phil December 11, 2011 at 10:34 am #

    As government screws up the institution of marriage couples will re-think whether they wish to get married.

    Personally, when government screwed up Air Travel, I quit flying.

    • 4evercon December 11, 2011 at 2:49 pm #

      What are you doing now that the Government is screwing up America?

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