The upcoming Mirr Romney amnesty plan

The Inevitable Mitt Romney Amnesty Program

The upcoming Mirr Romney amnesty plan

Update: Note that some of the stories at the sources that we listed were taken down within hours of us publishing this article!

Mitt Romney’s  Moron Church made Utah America’s ILLEGAL ALIEN AMNESTY STATE!
Utah allows anyone -read wealthy and greedy businessmen like Romney- to sponsor up to two illegal aliens or an entire family. Using this bill, wealthy Utah Mormons  and businesses are bringing into the country illegal alien workers at a time when America has 14% real unemployment. Mitt Romney doesn’t seem to object to any of this  at least not that I’ve heard him.  Have you?

Thanks to the Momon Church’s amnesty program in Utah, Kansas is introducing similar bills and many other states, like Georgia, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Colorado are considering doing just that. The cockamamie idea that started with the greed of Utah Mormons like Mitt Romeny is now infecting the entire nation. How long do you think it will be until the “amnesty workers” will be given citizenship? My guess is three years at most.


The MSM and the GOP elites are trying to hide this, but will tell you what they don’t want you know!

To get to the bottom and expose  the liberal RINO that is Mitt Romney one has to dig through interminable layers of lies and propaganda that the MSM and the GOP elites piled on top of him like make-up trawled on a septuagenarian movie star to desperately try and make her  something that she’s not.



In Romney’s case, what he certainly is not is a “conservative” and while you know many of the reasons why that’s true , one reason that is very well hidden , is his probable move towards amnesty for illegal aliens.

As you know, Mitt is a Mormon and while we at agree wholeheartedly with the vast majority of the Mormon Church’s  policies especially their steadfast defense of Marriage as a Holy union between a man and a woman, we couldn’t disagree more with their  complete disregard for our national borders.

Sen. Stuart Reid, who was the Senate sponsor of the Utah guest worker amnesty39 bill (3SHB116):
“If the church takes a position on a public-policy issue contrary to popular sentiment, as a public official, I have two choices: Either I follow the will of the people and be popular or follow my faith leaders, risking the rejection of the voters. When faced with this dilemma, it’s my guiding principle that devoted Mormons involved in politics should always choose to follow their faith leaders no matter their own personal views or the political consequences.”

It is very natural to assume that Mormons and the Mormon church will pour tremendous amounts of money into the Mitt Romeny campaign just as they have already done.  There is nothing wrong with that except that no one gives a politician hundreds of millions of dollars without expecting something in return.

We were virtually  the only publication outside of Utah to cover this story.  Just a year ago we reported how the Utah legislature at the direct behest and instructions of the Mormon Church passed a law to make Utah the first and only Illegal Alien Asylum State.

According to the Washington Times:
“The Mormon church arranged for a Utah senator to write a law to shield churches from prosecution for knowingly allowing illegal aliens to be ministers or do volunteer missionary work for them.
“Kim Farah, a spokeswoman for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, released a statement saying the church asked Sen. Robert F. Bennett, Utah Republican, to sponsor the provision, which she called a ‘narrow exception to the immigration act.’
“‘The law permits churches to use the volunteer services of their undocumented members by insulating the churches from criminal sanctions for doing so,’ she said.
“She said she would not answer any further questions, including why the church needs access to illegal alien volunteers. Source

And no this bill wasn’t passed by a far left liberal state legislature but by the famous overwhelmingly Republican and supposedly conservative legislators  of Utah.

…immigrant advocates suggested that since the guest worker program does not provide a path to citizenship or a green card, which have been controversial components of federal immigration reform plans, other states could be more likely to adopt similar measures.

The bill itself is a sham. Designated as 1SHB116  the bill is simply a ““legal citizenship and employment status for sale” measure. Upon the payment of a $1000.00 fine by illegal immigrants ( the money is usually loaned by businesses or wealthy businessmen) without restriction or caps being placed on the number of illegal immigrants that would be granted such status all illegals magically become legal.

The amount of illegal aliens that are  pouring  into Utah and then spreading throughout the country is increasing at an alarming rate and no one is telling you this  and there is certainly no one keeping track of them or keeping an exact tally!

During the first 70 or so years of the Church’s existence, missionaries encouraged new converts in foreign countries to relocate to the United States in order to build Zion, which was a covenant community of saints. By 1894, Church leaders were encouraging new converts to remain in their home countries; however, many continued to relocate to the United States in order to join the main body of Church members.

While there may be some religious principles as to why Utah Mormons are doing this and there are those who claim that the Mormons know full well that this will destroy the country and are doing this out of a want for revenge,  the Counderground believes the main reason for this is far less sinister; it’s simply MONEY and Greed!

Yes the very same MONEY that will and does fill Mitt Romney’s coffers  is the Mormon Money that will lobby like hell to get amnesty for illegal aliens.

If you’ve been to Utah in the past few years, as I have, you will be amazed at the number of illegal liens working there. They are the cheap cannon fodder labor that powers Utah’s tourism industry. Yes, while we are in a recession and Americans are desperately looking for jobs, Utah advertises for and brings in workers fomr South America to work in their hotels, restaurants, ski resorts etc.

Do you think for a second that a president mitt Romney will stand up to the Mormon Church after they gave him hundreds of millions of dollars? Do you think that Mitt Romney will stand up to the likes of John McCain and Lindsey Grhamnesty, the Bushes, Carl Rove, Mitch McConnell, Rubio  and assorted other Rinos all of whom own a piece of Romeny and all of whom are vicious supporters of Illegal Alien Amnesty?

A vote for Romney is a vote to bring America that much faster to oblivion.



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