The Holy Media Commands And We Obey!

Mark Critz, slimeball who calls himself anti-incumbent

Mark Critz, slimeball who calls himself anti-incumbent

Faced with the prospect of a monumental defeat in November, the racist, anti American Democrat party set about to implement a two step salvage operation.

First they issued drastic marching orders to their weakest elected members, ” RETIRE ” and vacate the seat.

Once that was accomplished they ordered their propaganda organs, CNN, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNBC ABC, New York Times etc. to begin to once again tell the American people what to think.
The message pumped form the media propaganda organs is  just a small and almost subtle  re-channeling  of the  the anger that is sweeping America.

America, they tell us, is not really riding an anti socialism or anti Obama wave. Oh no no! You see,  it really is just an “anti-incumbent” wave don’t you know?

Socialism as preached and practiced by the racist Obama administration was rejected in every election up to and including the  former fat lush’s senate seat in Massachusetts.  Clearly a change was needed and the “anti-incumbent” strategy, as weak and as desperate as it is was all, the left had, well, left.

The Democrats found their answer. By shamelessly ( pardon the redundancy)  renaming the conservative current and trying to re-characterize it as simply “anti-incumbent” the socialists democrat party has found a way to maybe lessen November’s  blow. The recently vacated seats of the incumbent democrats can now be bid for by a new democrats and the deomodrones will vote for them because the media told them that it is an “anti-incumbent” wave.  See how easy it s?

The fact that the “new democrats” are now running on a platform of anti Obamacare, anti Cap-and -Trade and anti bailouts will not be reported.  The media  has no intention of shedding any light on these awkward and icky details. Why should they, after all they are nothing but the official organs of the socialist junta now in power so you don’t really think that they’ll expose their own putrid lies and hypocrisy do you?   The media and the democrats hope that whatever is said or happens  in far flung  out of the way congressional districts stays in out of the way congressional districts. Just vote “anti-incumbent” comrade that’s the order from Obama.

Case in point, last Tuesday’s special election to fill the seat vacated by the “early retirement” ( sure he died of natural causes) of the despicable John Murtha (D-PA) . The voters – and yes I can think of other names to call them- elected a democrat, Mark Critz, to replace Murtha, at least until November.

How is it possible for a  democrat to actually win an election in this climate?  That’s easy, get an ungodly amount of funding from special interest groups, just as Critz did ( read article here )  then  pretend to not be a scum bag big government socialists and this too Critz accomplished. Last but least you must confirm to the new media buzz word campaign of “anti-incumbet” and voila! We have a democrat ion congress and not a damn thing has changed!

Here is how CBS – yeah I know- describes Mark Critz  ”  he is anti-abortion rights, pro-gun rights, and campaigns against the president’s signature achievement, health care reform. (source ) CBS said that!  There is no better witness to the rejection of the Obamaunist socialist and racist platform than that characterization, a  gleeful one  at that, of a democrat  by the same network that tried to publish fake papers on the eve of a presidential election in order to get a socialist elected.  That CBS is willing to say that tells you how close we are to handing Obama a historical defeat to go with the rest of his “unprecedented” administration. CBS and by that please understand the dems in todo, are trying flush the Obama platform down the drain to try and salvage the election. And why not? After all the agenda is passed, health care has been nationalized, financial socialism has been passed nationalization of the auto industry was accomplished, sure  now go right ahead and campaign against that all you want.  Seriously folks how the hell exactly did Critz campaigned against Obamacare when the damn thing passed months ago!!! What a damn joke!

What CBS  is desperately trying to hide is that Critz ‘s political career was spent as John Murtha’s right hand man, his actual title was  district director.

Think of him as  Murtha’s Axelrod.  Once again here is the CBS description of Critz’ political career “Democrat Mark Critz, a former congressional aide.”That’s all they say, of Critzalmost two decade old career with John Murtha. You’d think old Critz was running around Capitol Hill delivering mail and making copies. Nothing  could be further from the truth. Critz was neck deep in all the Murtha mire and yes including the latter’s despicable and baseless  accusations of the Marines at Haditha. ( I take solace that Murtha croaked without apologizing to the young Marines  whom he so ignominiously  accused. I take solace in that becasue I know that Murtha is paying for that right now every minute of the day and will do so for eternity)

Once again we have a vivid example of  the perverse socialist playbook, the same playbook that has led to the Holocaust perpetrated by the National Socialists of Germany as well as the the one perpetrated by the International Socialists of the Soviet Union and China and Cuba and so many others. Their  modus operandi is the same.  Deceive and lie and pretend to be something else just so you win then after you win sharpen the guillotine and freedom gets decapitated along with millions .  Alan Colms admits as much in his blog, referring to what he calls “nationally-watched” elections ( I kid you not the alien looking lib actually wrote that)   “However they’re doing it, though, it’s worked when it mattered”.  The sad thing is that the alien Colms is correct. The Deomocrat strategy seems to have worked in this case as the deomodrones rushed out and voted for Critz.

Will this be the strategy that will continue to give the libs control of our country and our freedom? Yes it looks like it might work especially since  the only thing that Micahel Steele has accomplished on his watch is that he in comparison to himself the Keystone Cops look like Detachment Delta.

don;t forget that they did just that in the past election. The media had a new catch phrase then too. The “blue-dog democrats”. Oh sure they were supposed to be stalwart defenders of freedom even though they were democrats. They were supposed to give the Botox Queens all kinds of trouble and la di da.  Sure they did.

So now we have the “anti-incumbent” wave and democrats that are campaigning against Obamacare and they will stop spending and cats and dogs will play Parcheesi.

Here is the news, the media says you have to vote  “anti-incumbent” and you believe it and vote for more democrats.  Rushdie was right “they name us and we become that”, the media names it “anti-incumbent” and it becomes just that. You know what else we become..yeah you know, you know damn well.


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