The feel of revolution! Freedom is the common human denominator!

Where it began. Walesa starring down an empire!

Where it began. Walesa starring down an empire!

I’m watching the videos streaming from Iran and I can’t help but think back to the most monumental manifestation of humanity’s natural need and love of freedom, the fall of the USSR and the dismantling of the Iron Curtain.

Least you forgot and the ‘drivel by media” certainly hopes that you did forget and are doing all possible that those who don’t know never will,  here are some videos of those revolutions . The look and feel of what’s happening now in Iran is identical to what occurred back then. I have to tell you that when you see this many people in the street the end game is the same. Change will be inevitable, whether its in Russia in the thirties, US in the sixties, Europe and China in the late eighties  the result is the same. The status quo will not last long.

I have no idea what Iran will look like five years from now,  or whether or not it will be a nation friendly to the US , no one does,  but I do believe that it will look very different than it does today. The change may be as immediate and evident  as the Bolshevik takeover or the overthrow of the same  some fifty years later  Its possible that it may take on a more evolutionary form such as modern day China or morph into a long term erosion such as that conducted by the left in the US since the sixties.  The mullahs would do well to understand this reality and facilitate a peaceful transition but I really doubt that that  will be the case . Below are the videos .  You don’t speak  Chines, Farsi, Romanian or Russian, worry not you don’t have to.Its amazing but in these videos, people from different eras and very different geographical locations and very different languages, look and sound so much alike.

Freedom is the common human denominator.

Iran Now

Ukraine “Orange  Revolution” 2004

Romania 1989

China Tianamen Square Massacre 1989


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