Trump forced Obama to produce a birth certificate

The Donald Trumped Obama

Trump forced Obama to produce a birth certificateIsn’t it strange how heroes or at least heroism pops up when you least expected from whom you least expected and exactly when it is so badly needed?

Donald Trump is not often thought of as a hero except maybe by wide-eyed business school freshmen. There is however no denying that few have been able to withstand so much public scrutiny and so much drama played out front and center on the world stage like Donald Trump has done. Fewer still is the number of those who have come out of the other side of the gauntlet successful and  in fact even more successful and more prosperous than they were when the storms started. Donald Trump is just such a rarity.

Trump forced Obama to produce a birth certificate

This captain of industry par excellance -and that isn’t 100% the compliment – has catapulted himself in the lead of the populist swell that is threatening to turn into a historic tsunami. America, hungry for a leader and so quickly disillusioned by many of the charlatans who benefited from our tea party movement, now views Donald Trump as the man who made the Prince of darkness face the light, and that is something that can carry the Donald a long long way.

Do you need additional proof that Donald did a great service to our nation? Just watch the neocon leaches on Fox squeal in unison that the opposite is true. That should be proof enough for anyone.

What is truly a master stroke on the Donald’s part is that for the first time Obama is forced to make a stand. He can no longer hide behind the lawyers for which he paid over $2 million in the past two years to fight the numerous demands that the American people be allowed to see the qualifications of the person who calls himself president. Now he has produced a document that he has to stand by. We fully believe that this document has been doctored to the point where it will be almost impossible to decide if it is or not the real McCoy. The questions however that  often arise from this type of a cover up are worse than the facts they desperately try to hide.

One such question is obvious, where the hell was this birth certificate all this time – no one seems to know!

Just four months ago after first promising the world that he would show Obama’s birth certificate, Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie flipped and suggested in an interview  that a long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate for Barack Obama may not exist within the vital records maintained by the Hawaii Department of Health. Was Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie lying? Where has this certificate been? Who had the darn thing and why were they hiding it?

Another question is this, if Obama or his acolytes in fact did have the birth certificate why all the Obama drama over the past two years? Why not show it to us? Does he think so little of America? Does he not think us worthy of scrutinizing one of the very few prescribed qualifications that a man has to meet to become president of the country?

There are many other questions of course such as his natural citizenship status which this document even if authentic does not answer. Quite to the contrary! Time and a heck of a lot of lawsuits will eventually give us the answers.

It is very telling that Obama chose not to answer any questions preferring instead to hurl insults, the kind of insults one expects from a pseudo-intellectual street thug or community activist.

It is also very telling that Obama immediately ran off to hide under Oprah’ s voluminous skirts right after the announcement. “We do not have time for this kind of silliness” said Obama then quickly ran off to Chicago to tape the very serious national security crucial Oprah show. If Donald Trump is a carnival barker then Obama is the main freak at that carnival.

Hell-Bent to show us how quickly he is becoming just another impotent sideshow Rand Paul declared “I want to see the original long–form certificate of Donald Trump’s Republican registration” I guess he is really worried that Trump will spank his dad the same way he spanked Obama

Donald Trump has shown us that like all bullies and like all liars when confronted by the spotlight of truth held with strong hands and unwavering conviction Obama will fold.

How sad that not a single damn Republican, tea party or not, has the balls to do what Trump does. In fact the only one that comes close is Sarah Palin who also called on Obama to solve this issue. Rand Paul or Ron Paul or  Cantor and certainly not Boehner have uttered not a peep on this in the last two weeks while Trump and Palin and a few others, mostly private citizens, pushed Obama to disclosure. How sad that the Republicans are so spineless. How much could we accomplish if the Republicans had a half the backbone of Donald Trump?

Thank you Donald you have written a bold page in American history! Let’s hope some of that rubs off on those for whom we actually voted and whom we actually pay to be leaders!


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2 Responses to The Donald Trumped Obama

  1. Aerian September 29, 2011 at 8:11 pm #

    Great article, thank you. I applaud Donald Trump AND you for sharing with us many truths that are not exposed in mainstream media. KEEP UP THE SHARING!!!

    • 4evercon September 29, 2011 at 9:10 pm #

      Thank you, I’ll try

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