The Captain Phillips Questions!

We were the first to shed light on the White House smoke screen surrounding the Maersk Alabama  rescue.  Sure  the Drive-by-media was hyperventilating that this was  “Obama’s  first military victory” , but they weren’t alone! The so called conservative media luminaries from Michael Savage who said that to question Obama’s performance on this is “insane” to the whimpering Glenn Beck who congratulated  Obama with such a heart felt  “job well done sir”  and Hannity couldn’t wait to take his turn grovelling and congratulating Obama the so called right wingers were eager to show us why they were so impotent in the past two elections.

I was the only one, certainly the first,  who logically called into question the decisions surrounding the rescue.  I was the only one who asked Lima Charlie “WHEN DID OBAMA GIVE  THE GREEN LIGHT TO THE RESCUE”.  I was the first to ask why was a permission to mount a rescue necessary never mind two and I was the first to ask why were we diddly dallying sending destroyers when the Maersk Alabama was under siege for a week, did we suddenly forget how to fly choppers? Then ‘COINCIDENTALLY”  our web site stopped functioning!

The bad part is that these answers have yet to see the light of day, the good part is that others are beginning to follow our lead and ask these very same questions. Apparently tonight Bill O’Rilley, who formerly couldn’t wait to fall all over himself to congratulate Obama on a job well done, may be asking the same questions that I asked over a week ago. Oh well, better late then never, maybe Savage will get to it too as soon as finishes cooking hismushroom quiche with goat cheese”

The questions that need to be answered are as follows

1) Why was the presidential go ahead conditioned on the “life of Captain Phillips being in danger” How the hell could it be otherwise as he is cooked up in a life boat with four armed Muslim terrorists

2) When was the first permission given to act

3) Why was there a second permission required?

4) When was the second permission required?

5) Why was the Maersk Alabama allowed to be under siege for a week!

My take on the scenario, based on the fact that Obama refused to help the Maersk Alabama during the entire week that they were under siege, is as follows:

Captain Phillips realized this and tried to make a break for it by jumping the water. The Navy wanted to help Captain Phillips but were under strict orders not to act. Enraged and embarrassed  at having missed such an opportunity, the SEALS and perhaps the Captain of the Bainbridge pressed the higher ups who pressed the White House. Cornered Obama gave them a half ass permission to act if , as per the White House press release, the Captain’s “life is in danger” ( I cannot read that line without banging the key board at the absurd stupidity that that condition imposes on the Navy). As the  life raft containing both Captain Phillips and the terrorists was slowly drifting to within 20 miles of the shore the White House thought they were out of the woods. The pirates would get to shore and Phillips would take his place among the over 200 other hostages rotting away in Somalia. End of story, make a call to CNN and tell them top get to the next news cycle this one is done. The thing that screwed up their plans is that Captain Phillips again understood all this and made another break for it. This time the Navy acted.

We really need to have verification of the time when the White House gave the green light to the mission to start the rescue.

In the mean time lets see what O’Rilley  does tonight we might be surprised bu I am not getting my hopes up.

What others are saying ( but don’t forget we were first!)

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