Tehran and Yalta and Tehran

Iran then and now

Iran then and now

The more conservative side of the American media is picking up coverage of the Iran revolution. The coverage is no where near the level that the situation demands, but at least there’s some. What is really troubling is the way the nascent Iranian revolution is treated by the leftist media and by the White House.

I am watching Juan Williams,  one of the few libs on FOX news,  regurgitating what is essentially the left wing’s position towards the Iranian crisis.  Juan Williams, not the brightest crayon in the box by a long stretch,  actually tried to imply that our goal should not be a democratic Iran, but an Iran which is disarmed of  nuclear weapons and will not pursue the goal of further developing the same. He further stated that if we somehow  express our support for the desperate fight of the forces of democracy that goal will no longer be achievable.


This dolt actually believes that if we stand idly by and do nothing, Obama will somehow be able to sweet talk Ahmadinejad  into giving up Iran’s nuclear program?

Fear not, because he does  however assure us that the United States is a beacon to democracy just, apparently, not on this one tiny little itsy, bitsy occasion. Then in the next sentence Williams  accuses those who support the protesters as “short sighted”? (Wow the “short brained” calling us “short sighted”.)h

Now, I don’t mean to pick on the mentally handicapped, but what Juan Williams  has articulated  is, as best as anyone can figure,  the left’s and Obama’s position on  Iran.

I’ll tell you right now it is a false choice based on a false premise. Of course it’s morally dubious to sacrifice in anyway a people’s freedom for some perceived gain in our security.  There is no such thing. America’s safety and interests benefit most when our  foreign policy is  simple and honest. We must  support the freedom of all people everywhere in the universe at all times. That’s it! All that we do should be focused on that and we should be aggressive in doing it. We want the world to respect us? That is how we gain that respect and times like these is when we gain that respect.

We have seen time and again that sacrificing the liberty of any people in the hope of gaining some  security advantage will only result in making the situation infinitely more dangerous.

Before WWII, the west sacrificed Austria and Poland to the Germans and the Soviets in the hope of peace and the result was, of course, world wide war.

After World War II, another far left lunatic president – FDR – sacrificed a third of the planet to the murderous Soviet dictatorship for the sake of peace. The result, in very short order, was that for the first time ever we reached a state where two nations could potentially annihilate humanity. That potential came very close to being realized on more occasions than anyone feels comfortable counting.

rbrandenburgTake heart, because history also gives us examples of the opposite.  In 1981, as the communists cracked down on Lech Walesa and the Solidarity movement, President Ronald Reagan  repeatedly and unequivocally expressed his and the country’s support for the protesters.  He followed that up in 1987  with the immortal challenge “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall” . In 1989, eight years after the President  let the world know that we will stand with all those who seek freedom, and two years after the Brandenburg gate speech, the Berlin wall fell and one of the most powerful and foul empires to ever darken the face of the earth was no more.

Today, it wouldn’t take seven years.  Not when there are so many people in the streets of  Tehran and not when we have so much technology with which to communicate and coordinate. The government in Tehran is ripe for a fall.  All it needs is a someone to help shake the tree.  Evidently, Obama will not be that someone. He is too damn weak and too damn stupid. Or who knows, maybe he is too damn devoted. It is entirely possible that the man whose second paragraph in history will read as “the first US President to bow to and kiss the ring of a king”, a Muslim king to boot, just doesn’t want to take down the Islamic government of an Islamic Republic.

We are at a crossroads of history. Will Obama’s legacy go down as  despicable and shameful a betrayal as Yalta and Teheran was for FDR, or will he achive eternal glory as Reagan did? The odds are against the latter.  Obama’s  already dropped the ball so often, he’s dribbling like the Globetrotters and like FDR he is a liberal.

The Iranians will have to do this all on their own.


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