Black Staten Island Mob lays seige to home

Staten Island NYC, Black Mob Lays Seige to Home!

Black Staten Island Mob lays seige to home The mob showed up at her house with knives and guns. “We’ll punch you in the chest” the mob yelled at the girl – they knew she had a heart condition. This is yet a new advance in the Obama promoted mob attitude.

The school bullying by blacks of a teenage Staten Island girl escalated into something far more dangerous.

After several days of taunting and threats the teen’s mother decide  to keep the sophomore girl from school that day. The mother was fearful that her daughter would be attacked by the black bullies.

While the media headlines focus on the “cops [being] overrun” the real story here is that the mob actually lay  siege to a home!

The mother’s  action did not have the desired effect. The mostly black mob showed up at her doorstep and surrounded the house yelling and screaming and brandishing blades, knives and guns. They were yelling “We’re gonna punch you in the chest. We’re gonna fix your heart condition.” They knew that the girl had a heart condition.

Two officers , one man and one woman, showed  up and tried to arrest one of the perpetrators. The mob  piled on the cops and wrestled them to the ground. Only the quick action of the crew of a fire department engine the two police officers would have been torn limb from limb , The fire truck let loose with the water cannon and dispersed the crowd. Police reinforcements arrived soon after that and arrested 9 individuals.

What is absolutely horrifying in this episode is that the perpetrators that were loosely organized as a bullying crowd at school, gelled into a mob and maneuvered away from the school and surrounded the girl’s house. They had no fear of adults, police or any other authority.

Also understand how close this came to become a real tragedy. But for the quick response of the Police and the Fire department the mob would have invaded the house and probably beaten, stabbed or shot the occupants . In fact but for the fire department the two brave cops would have been severely injured or killed.

While the media headlines focus on the “cops [being] overrun” the real story here is that the mob actually lay  siege to a home! This time they were slow and indecisive and tragedy was averted. What about the next time?

The thing is that the “street is watching and learning” and soon enough they’ll learn not to meander but rather to attack and disperse before the police or other authorities show up. Once they learn to do that they’ll keep doing it!

This isn’t the first time we see a black mob organizing and attacking a a home. Back in September we commented on a black mob organizing and raiding a mostly white Philadelphia suburb and invading an innocent bystander’s home .



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