Standard and Poor’s! Accelerating toward Civil War?

UPDATE . Today, 4/21/11 even Bill O’ Riley admitted that the likes of George Soros are pursuing an agenda of destroying the US economy. At CONUNDERGROUND.COM we make the great leap of faith that Soros’ interests and those of Obama just might have a few tangential sections…maybe, just maybe.

Standard and Poor has just cut the ratings outlook for US debt to negative !

The S&P has stated that there is a 33% chance that the America’s AAA rating will be cut sometime  in the next two years- just in time to cancel elections.

“United States’ fiscal profile meaningfully weaker than other AAA rated sovereign  nations”

This is an orchestrated action coordinated and approved by Geroge Soros and the international bankers who are pulling  Obama’s strings.

This is action  that can only have one goal and only one result. The destruction of America and the enabling of the Obama dictatorship.

Note that this announcement was timed by Standard and Poor’s to maximize the drop in the US  financial markets. This is a short week for Wall Street and many traders are already on Spring break. Volume is much thinner than usual and the market is subject to violet swings based on news. On this day Standard and Poor’s decided to issue their press release.Why?

This will leaad to higher interest rates and thus higher inflation. Already Obama has seen to it that oil is skyrocketing and food costs are  up 30% year to year. NEITHER OF THESE PRICE INCREASES IS DUE TO SUPPLY SHORTAGES, THIS IS PlANNED AND MANIPULATED BY THE SAME PEOPLE WHO MANIPULATED THE ECONOMIC COLLAPSE THAT GOT OBAMA ELECTED.

Usually such a ‘negative outlook notice means a reduction on credit rating within 2 years.

It is also very probable that this will lead to the dollar no longer being the world’s reserve currency. To give you a quick sketch of the consequences just focus on this. Oil is sold in US dollars.  If the dollar drops we only pay up for the  increase in the price of oil itself. If the US dollar is no longer the world reserve currency then we’ll  be penalized twice, we will have to pay up of the price of oil, sure, but first we will also have to pay up to convert our worthless dollars to whatever currency will be the New World Standard.  In dollars and cents, if this happened tomorrow the price per gallon of gasoline will be at least $9 per gallon .

The same will happen with food and everything else.

You understand of course that this will lead to riots and to Obama enacting marshal law  and his dictatorship.

You understand also that when all this happens Civil War is the optimistic scenario


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