Sotomayor Tea Parties!

obama-smoking-youngEmboldened by the unanswered racism with which  Obma has bombarded us in the past 12 months, the America and whites hating branch of the democrat party has now launched the most overt racist attack on our country to date .

There are many hispanic candidates that would make much better Supreme Court Justices than Sotomayor but  she was picked by Obama and Axelrod for a very specific reason. She was picked to be the life long  face and representative of radical militant hispanics and assorted other white haters at the highest levels of our government.

Ask yourself  why would Obama risk the backlash that he knew would certainly come with the appointment of  a candidate so tainted by her own racist remarks? There are plenty of hispanic candidates who are just as liberal and just as racist as Sotomayor and who managed to keep their racism hidden.  Why then pick the one who would guarantee the upcoming battle? Is it just because they share the same racism and hatred for whites and the country that whites built? Sure that’s part of it, but its not the biggest part.

Answer: Because Obama and Axelrod and Ritch and Sotomayor and all the racist anti whites in the the administration want the battle. They want the fight and they are doing it all they can to provoke it!

Unholly Racist Union

Unholly Racist Union

To pick the one candidate who overtly said that “white men ” would not be as qualified as hispanics to be judges is nothing but a signal to the world that Obama will continue in his war against the whites. Check that, its a signal to the world that whites in America have been completely emasculated by Obama and his clan. Wasn’t it Holder who called whites “racial cowards” ? Did he resigned? Was he even asked to resign by Republicans?

Even the great neocon torch bearer Rush Limbaugh has decreed that her nomination is practically guaranteed. Republican senators are bowing down to the dictator’s  will and will vote to approve the nomination of the very same racist woman who will, in no time flat, put them all out of a job. (Well there is a bright side to everything I suppose) Even the Republican eunuchs who are voicing opposition to this racist hispanic hag are doing so in such hushed tones and using such po-mo-babble that its hard to keep a straight face listening to them.

“Identity Politics!” Are you f–g kidding me? Since when did we embrace the nonsense that passes for English in liberal circles? This woman is a damn racist and should be called that ! Rush of course is too afraid to lose his $400 million to even consider substituting “racism” for “identity politics” ( though lately he’s come around some)  and most republican senators would probably implode if they even thought of calling a hispanic a “racist”. Oddly enough none other than Newt Gingrich came out and said  that she is in fact practicing racist policies,   good for him. Maybe that will embolden the Republican eunuchs.

Back to Obama, he picked Sotomayor not in spite of her racism but because of it. He picked her not in spite of her racist remark  but because of it. He picked her no inspite of her recent judgement that guns are illegal, but  because of it! He wants this fight.

Its not obama-smokingenough for him to raise taxes and spend your children’s  money to enact his reparations program.  Its not enough for him to put white veterans and white conservatives on the DHS’s “watch list”. No, he wants to humiliate whites and to let the world know that he is doing it.

Obama wants you feel the same daily shame and humiliation that he  feels for being born the son of a white degenerate slut from Kansas and whoring father from Africal and he will not stop until he does just that!

Clinton’s cry was “I feel your pain”,  Obama’s cry is  “you will feel my pain”!

Do you feel his empathy?

What our external enemies could not do our internal ones have accomplished in no time. He is laughing at you as he hob knobs and sips Bellinis in Hollywood with the Gay Mafia. You who oppose abortion, you who think homosexuality is an abomination to God, you who attended the Tea Parties because you oppose reparations, why, you will be put on the Department of Homeland Security list of dangerous people… for now. Later you and I will be rounded up and imprisoned and “reeducated”! If that won’t work then we’ll be lobotomized to  reduce our “limbic” brain!

Long ago I warned you that your money will be the least of the things that Obama will take form you! Sotomayor is part of the infrastructure  Obama is putting on place so that he can  proceed to his next phase.

From getting his spiritual learning at Wright’s feet, to embracing Lula’s racism to promoting  Sotomayor’s racism,  Obama is doing exactly what he said all his life that he will do.  Our politicians will not stop this freak , they will not stand up  to him, but you did, not long ago !

The tea parties have put the fear of God into his spending programs, so much so that he threatened you with the DHS list.

Will we again go out and march   in the  Sotomayor Tea parties or will we wallow in impotence?


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