Silence Of The Neocon Radio Lambs

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The otherwise verbose – it’s what they do – “conservative” radio talking heads were oddly silent in the run up to the Arizona republican primary. What exactly does that tell us?

More than any other serving republican, certainly more than any other republican senator save maybe for Grhamnesty,  John McCain has been the  demonic voice of unconstitutional  censorship of free speech. McCain even crossed the abyss that separates the dictatorial musings of those who would pave the path  to slavery with the denial of free speech and actually sponsored and passed the now infamous McCain-Feingold act which prevents Americans form donating money to their chosen candidates (Fortunately the Supreme Court has in it’s recent ruling neutered McCains attempt to gag America)

I don’t want to turn this into a list of McCain’s unconstitutional  acts as a US senator but I do want to remind you that McCain did threaten to censure the first amendment right of talk radio hosts “we will have to deal with them” ( I might be paraphrasing ) right from the senate floor.  Just about three and a half years ago or so you couldn’t turn on a talk radio station without  hearing the host foaming about McACain’s support for “amnesty” and the same radio show hosts would have us forget that McCain’s daughter wen on “The View” and attacked the Tea Party in a manner that would make Bill Mahr proud – see video below.

Why the silence?

It’s hard to explain why the talking heads did nothing to defeat McCain but I will offer a couple of explanations. 
First the neocons who rule the so called conservativeairwaves are deathly afraid of the Tea Party. They would prefer a socialist-light regime headed by the likes of McCain and Grahm and other RINOS over a true conservative movement. Mark Levine said as much when he declared , on air, that”  if the Tea Party opposes [neocons] we’ll crush them too.” Not long ago Mike Savage also mused that he is very much afraid that a “right wing leader will arise like they did in Germany” ( Of course the NAZIS were leftist socialists but like the left the neocons don’t really believe that, they just pay it lip service).

NOT A SINGLE TALKING HEAD ENDORESED AND SUPPORTED THE TEA PARTYin it’s early days. I was there at the first rallies in NYC and I sure as hell didn’t see any of them and I didn’t hear any of them promoting it. It wasn’t untill much much later when Palin showed up  at the Tea Parties  that the “neoconservative” talking heads  hijacked the Tea Party- Hannity was the worst such offender desperately trying to align himself with the tea party just as it looked as if his career was heading south.

The second possible  reason is that they are afraid to get behind a candidate who they think  will lose. If that’s the case they how can they call themselves leaders? How can Rush call himself the “leader of the conservative movement” or whatever he calls himself, if he is afraid to step out and take a chance?

There are some, mostly libertarians, who claim that “McCain threw the presidential election.” It’s hard to dismiss that claim in light of the behavior of neocon radio and television leading up to the election.  Allow me to remind you that leading up to McCain’s nomination, the talking heads refused to endorse a Republican  candidate.  McCain’s campaign  was dead and burried. He flying  to and from campaign stops by himself on commercial airliners. Then “miraculously”  the “maverick” became the leader of the pack?  Are you kidding? During all that time, when a different candidate could have easily run away from the field the big neocon talking heads refused to endorse a candidate. Not only that, but their time was mostly occupied by destroying the reputation of the other Republican runners and of those democrats  opposing Barry Obama. You do of course recall Sean Hannity’s “Stop Hillary Express” – well it worked just as intended. 
It wasn’t unitll much later that all of the talking heads rose up as one to endorse the weakest candidate of the field Mitt Romney but by then  it was of course too late – just as planned.

Not a single one of the top five “conservative” talking heads made a serious effort to defeat McCain during  last month’s Arizona Republican primary.  Do you think McCain would have won if his “arch-nemesis” Rush Limbaugh had a made a single solitary appearance on behalf of JD Hayworth? How about Glen Beck, he can bring 800,000 people to Washington but he couldn’t spare an afternoon to make sure that yet another  RINO doesn’t get elected.  The prefidy of the neocon talking heads is disgusting but we the people aren’t as stupid as they think us to be.

 If this plays out the way that it looks like it might play out the Republican party will go straight to the trash heap of history, Sure they – and I should say “we” as I am still a registered Republican- will win a majority in the House in November but because the RINOS  will betray us again, 2012 will be a debacle! 2013? Well, stock up on canned food and maybe a book or two from your favorite neocon talking head.


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