Shameless Obama Visits Iraq, won’t go to Baghdad (Pelosi did)

See bary over yonder is Baghdad where W and Nancy Pelosi went!

See Barry over yonder is Baghdad where "W" and Nancy Pelosi went!

I wonder if he is there to tell the troops that the surge will not work! But get this, the coward will not go into Baghdad!

Yeap, I kid you not, he wants to draw down US troops because he says that they are not needed but he is too afraid to drive into Baghdad and meet with Malikii.  They’ll do their talks via telephone! What more needs be said about this guy?  He talks the talk but is too much of a coward to walk the walk or in this case to drive  a few miles under the most armed protection possible! Even Nancy Pelosi went to meet with Maliki in person , maybe she should let Obama borrow some of her skirts so he can feel more secure.

Pelosi in Baghdad

Pelosi in Baghdad

I bet that if Obama slips into Nancy’s pastel pant suit he’ll go into Baghdad, I guess Michelle’s wouldn’t fit him what with her carrying that caboose and all.

Another possibility as to why Barry didn’t go into Baghdad is that he is trying desperately to save face. You know of course, and if you don’t just scroll down what Barry said of the “Surge”. Never mind that no sooner did he get elected that he ordered his own surge but how would it look if he strolled to Sadar City holding hands with Maliki as the tell the later how wonderful it was to curtsy and kiss the ring of the King of Saudi Arabia.

It would just look really bad to show the world that the US WON!

It would look really bad to show the world how wrong he has been. ( Worry not Barry after the past two weeks they got your measure)

So he will deny the US troops the credit they deserve and just stay holed up like a rat in the airport!

Say what you will but “W” would have never done that. He put himself in harm’s way to boost moral and showcase to the world how great a job our troops are doing. Heck he even had Thanksgiving dinner with the troops and they loved him for it.

Here is Barry telling the world how the Surge won’t work:

“we can send 15,000 more troops, 20,000 more troops, 30,000 more troops, I don’t know any expert on the the region or any military officer that I’ve spoke to privately that believes that is going to make a substantial difference on the situation on the ground..”

Gee Barry maybe you should have  spoken to American officers and  enlisted men instead!


The “drive byes” and some less informed sources will tell you that he is in Baghdad or in Camp Victory.  As I am sure most of our readers know  Camp Voctory is the airport. I just wanted to clarify that so you can laugh at the news cycle as they report that Obama is in Baghdad.


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