Jay Severin, no derogatory terms for whites

Holder and Obama

As I read about Jay Severin’s suspension from Boston’s WTKK-FM I couldn’t help but wonder – has there ever been a DJ or talk show host or celebrity or politician that was suspended or fired for making derogatory remarks against whites? I sure can’t remember any?

We all know that there have been quite a few that were fired and/or suspended for making comments that either were or were interpreted to be be derogatory against Hispanics, Jews, blacks or orientals, but it seems that there were none against whites. Now I find this interesting. Are we to assume that all non-white pundits and commentators are an angelic, blameless lot? Hardly. Is it that whites are so blatantly evil that we deserve to be so treated? Let’s keep in mind that the people who are behind all the resignation and suspension demands are the very same ones who also refuse to address those who target and kill innocent children and pregnant women as terrorists. Surely whites deserve at least as much.

Reich and Obama. No Reich is not sitting down.

When was the last time that anyone called for Holder to be fired for calling whites “racial cowards?” Holder is black of course. So does being black somehow make you genetically incapable of making racially derogatory comments? Apparently it does and, therefore, Holder was just using the term in a loving supportive manner?

When was the last time anyone called for Robert Reich to be fired for stating in congress that white construction workers should not be given jobs? Reich is not white but a Semite. I guess that like blacks, Jews are yet another group genetically incapable of making racially derogatory comments.

Lula and Obama

When Brazilian prime minister Lula (no really that’s his name) blamed the financial collapse on “white people…with blonde hair and blue eyes” did anyone call for his resignation or suspension? No one – either here or in Brazil did any such thing. In fact Obama professed his love for him, stating that he considers Lula the most popular politician in the world – take that white devil you evil monster you . Like blacks, and Jews, I guess that Hispanics are also yet another group incapable of making racially derogatory (and inflammatory) remarks. All Lula did, of course, was “tell the truth” right?

During a lunch at the Group of 20 summit in London, Obama shook hands with President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and said: This is my man, right here. I love this guy.”

The list goes on.

Congresswoman Barbara Rose Collins mentioned, in passing, that “racism is so ingrained in American society that there’s nothing I can do about it. “I think God is going to have to burn it out of White people.” In another quote in the story, Collins said, “All White people, I don’t believe, are intolerant. That’s why I say I love the individuals, but I hate the race.” Of course, as we learned above this is not a derogatory statement because she is black and therefore genetically incapable of such things. And odon’t you dare missinterpret it as an elected official “inciting to violence”. She has been re-elected to the Detroit City Council, a few times, and her latest term is up this year. And don’t you for a second consider that her constituents are racists because they too are mostly black and Hispanic and therefore , well, see above.

When Jay Z, fresh off the special invitation issued to him by the Obamas to attend the inauguration in the VIP tent, went on to compose the rap classic “no more white lies, my president is black,” not a single media outlet called for a boycott of his records or of his label. The reason is because it was not meant in any derogatory way at all, because blacks are genetically incapable of that, it was just the truth (of course, now we just get black lies).

Sonia Sotomayor

Sonia Sotomayor

Then, of course, we have Sonia Sotomayor the “judge” on the short list for Oabama’s supreme court nomination.

Hartford Connecticut white firefighters were refused promotion because they were able to pass tests which blacks did not. Sotomayor’s court agreed with the lower court’s decision to throw out the test scores because only whites and one Hispanic passed but no blacks. You see, Sotomayor is of Puerto Rican descent and, therefore as a Hispanic is genetically incapable of.. oh just see above.

And as the case is reaching the Supreme Court of The United States of America, Obama and Mr Holder are recommending that the case not be granted cert (certiorari), in other words, not even be heard. Now don’t get all excited, as you’ve read above, Mr. Holder the Attorney General of the United States is black and so is Obama and therefore genetically incapable of …oh just see above again.

So in closing, not that there are no derogatory terms against whites, they just don’t exist…ahhh…wait what …hmmmm?

Jay Z and Obama, "no more white lies my president is black"


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