Will GOP Survive 2010?

2010 is shaping up to be a do or die year for the GOP.

The rank and file has shown that we can organize and that we will not tolerate turncoat traitors. The republican politicians who voted for the Obama socialist spending plan and had the nerve to show up at tea parties were booed off the stages! How great was that!?
There are quite a few of us that are ready to ditch the GOP and bolt to a more conservative party. That there aren’t too many choices is probably the main reason that most of us will give the GOP another chance but I suspect that it will be the last.

One of the most encouraging signs of a possible conservative resurrection of the GOP is Chris Simcox challenge for John McCain’s senate seat. In my opinion few other Republican elected officials have done more to weaken the party than McCain, sure you can bring up W but he is gone. A defeat of John McCain will send a clear signal that Republicans are looking to embrace our conservative roots and send the Bill Kristol neocons packing.

RNC isn’t on board

The thing is though that even this great news, is not brought to us by the Republican party but rather by individual republicans. The Republican party has , if anything gone the other way, electing Michael Steel as the chairman. Most of us were deeply disappointed over this and to this day I don’t know what to make of it. Fresh of the McCain loss and the repudiation of the necon doctrine by Democrats and Republicans alike, instead of seeing the errors of their ways the Republicans decide to send some sort of cockamamie racial reconciliation signal with Steel’s election.

So what the heck does that tell the world, “vote for us because we have a black man too” or “some of our best friends are black”? No wonder the other side is laughing at us. Steel’s policies are McCain’s policies are Kristol policies are W’s policies are the policies that Americans were so sick of that they elected the inarticulate charlatan from Chicago rather than have four more years of the same.

Without the solid support form the base no party can win. Without a real platform no party can win, we have seen the “vote for us we ain’t the other guy is not a winning platform. If the best the GOP can come up with is the same idiotic agenda of “liberal light” that they’ve been pushing for the past three election cycles they’ll lose again. ( The only time it worked when it did is because we were at war and the Dems pushed too far)

It remains to be seen if Steel embraces the conservative current that is surging trough the Republican rank and file, but I doubt it! In every appearance Steel has given the wrong signal. From his lack of enthusiasm for Sarah Palin to his over enthusiasm for Chris Christie over true conservative Steve Lonegan, Steel is making the wrong moves. The list goes on, Pat Toomey’s challenge of Arlan Specter will probably have to fight its way trough the Michael Steel GOP blockade.

I am not surprised by now we all know his now infamous idiotic statement regarding scary looking guns and the second amendment “… “You draw the line. I mean, what do you need an assault weapon for?”. On the “Tea Parties”, the single most powerful conservative phenomena since the phone campaign that defeated the amnesty bill, Michael Steel has been absent!

We have much dead wood working against us in our own party, Specter, Olympia Snow, Susan Collins, Grahamnesty, to name just a few. Here is the deal either Republicans get rid of that dead wood or the democrats will do it for us. The question is however why should we hang around for that instead of joining or forming a real conservative party?

Update 4/29/09

Pat Toomey has outed Arlan Spector! Spector finally came out of the closet and officially joined the Democrat party where he in fact belongs. This like Chis Simcox’ challenge of John McCain is a very very good thing to happen to the Republican party. Our chances have improved tremendously! Of course Spector will come up with all sorts of excuses as to why he betrayed his own party but here is the reality:

In a Rasmussen Reports poll out this morning, the Pennsylvania Republican lags behind GOP primary challenger Pat Toomey by more than 20%. Just 30% of Republican voters in the Keystone State say they would vote for the incumbent, while 51% are throwing their support behind Toomey.

Furthermore, 55% of voters have an unfavorable view of the incumbent senator, according to the poll. Rasmussen Reports calls those stats “stunningly poor” for a veteran such as Specter, who’s spent nearly 30 years in Congress’ upper chamber.

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