Obama Buying Jobs With Borrowed Money

Obama touts his “job creation”
Once again Obama has just demonstrated to the world that he just doesn’t get it. In his speech to the graduating class of the Columbus Ohio Police Academy, Obama touted what he believed are the job creation benefits of his ridiculously titled, “Economic Recovery Program”. He correctly pointed out that the program pays for jobs for Fire Fighters, Police Officers, Teachers and, due to funding of some highway programs, also the hiring of a few construction workers (it isn’t known if they are the “white construction workers” so hated by this administration).

Obama lokking aproves of Columbus Police Academy

Obama bestows blessings upon Columbus Police Academy

Hard times call for innovative ways to stretch municipal budgets
While all of these new jobs are probably welcomed by the various municipalities, the argument that they are actually needed is one that is far from settled. Many municipalities with small budgets use volunteer fire fighters, volunteer EMS technicians and part time Police Officers who are deployed at critical times during the week. But I guess that it would really be “Unpatriotic” of me to suggest that, like the rest of us, governments tighten their belt and use creative methods to stretch their budget dollar. Are we or are we not in the “worst economic disaster” since the Flood? Well if we believe Obama and the Democrats then why not ask US Citizens to “share the sacrifice” as Obama is so fond of saying and pitch in as volunteer police, ambulance, fire fighters etc? That would save the rest of us a lot of money that we would then spend on products form real companies that create real jobs for real economic growth!

Obama’s “jobs” Vs. real jobs

What is certain is that these are, for the most part, jobs paid for (or I should say jobs that will be paid for) by those of us, or our children and grandchildren,` who still work in the private sector. You know, that pesky little sector of the US economy that lost another 650,000 jobs in February.
Now here is the rub. A cop or a firefighter no matter how much we may need him will not pay his own salary. He will either be paid from funds taken from those of us in the private sector or he will be a volunteer. Who is going to pay for those jobs when the Chinese refuse to lend us any more money?

It gets worse. If we assume that the economy will eventually stabilize and, given Obama’s programs that assumption is by no means a given, that same money that we now borrowed to spend on the “purchase” of those jobs that Obama mentioned will crowd out the money needed for the expansion of private companies and the creation of real jobs..

Obama created only “con jobs”

So no Mr Barrack Hussein Obama the only job that you “created” is a gigantic CON JOB ! You swindled us into giving you money to buy a few municipal positions that are and will forever have to be funded by those of us in the private sector who are losing our jobs , are getting taxed to death and are told that if we disagree with you we are racists. Do you think that you can swindle us ad infinitum?
None other than the left-leaning Congressional Budget Office predicts lower GDP and, lower wages and higher taxes as a result of Obama’s programs. So whatever meager gains we might achieve from the hiring of a few rookie cops in Columbus Ohio will pale in comparison to the costs that, according to the CBO we will be paying for over the next ten years or more. This is the simple truth that Obama, a man who refers to the one and only real job that he held in his life as “being behind enemy lines” simply cannot comprehend!

Obama hates private enterprise

His short stint in the workforce lasted only six months and then he hightailed out it of there for the warm embrace of the Chicago public trough system where he became, of course, the “Community Organizer”. Yeah, don’t look for the number of jobs that he helped attract to the community that he so ably organized. There weren’t any.

Steeped in a left wing culture whose only comprehensible means of getting funds is to suckle at the public teet, Obama is not intellectually equipped to address the actual needs of this economy.

Concepts such as accelerated depreciation, or tax incentives for capital expenditure, or say a further temporary lifting of all drilling bans, or the reduction of taxes on oversees investments and revenues -which created over $350B during the Bush administration, are as anathema and repugnant to him as say, having to actually work for a living.

Is Obama intentionally ignoring measures to help the economy?

Now, please understand that I am being kind, because the only other alternative is to actually believe that he understands how important those concepts are to our nation’s wealth building process and chooses to do otherwise! That is a real danger and it no longer appears to be as far-fetched an idea as it once seemed.

Consider please the fact that Obama is the first person to ever be elected President after confessing that he will, in fact, ignore policies that will be beneficial to our country in favor of policies that will be detrimental to our economy, but which will fit his ideology (Good luck finding this on Google.)

Former supporters turning on Obama

The market, and the public, even former supporters like CNBC’s Jim Kramer, even the Whoopster herself on The View (I could post a link to the video of her, but I care about my readers way too much) are beginning to see that Oprah’s “the One” has no clothes on and no concept that the business of America is business.. Ahhh but you see that is a quote from a great man, a President who truly championed the needs of the middle class and understood the proper role and size of government.

Markets decline after Obama speech

On Friday, the markets had rallied to positive territory before Obama started to speak. By the time he finished they tanked back in the red. There is no fairer or more accurate measure of a proposed fiscal, monetary or economic policy than the stock market. It is an anticipatory vehicle and is equally weighted to Democrats and Republicans. Come to think of it, with Soros and Buffet and Rodgers and Dimond, et al. it is probably much more skewed in favor of the Democrats.

So here we have the Democrats and the markets telling Obama that his programs are wrong for the markets, ergo wrong for America. So, to quote the Great Santelli: “Mr President, are you listening”?!!


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