Air Force One-Gate

Air Force One-Gate, The Picture, the Glare, the Joke


OK I found and added a High Def version of the pic, (just click the thumb and you’ll get it) As I mentioned below someone commented that these pics are usually taken in the morning or late after noon to get the best light. I am certainly not a pro on this but if you get a look at the pic – from AP- I have to agree. Why would they chose such an overcast day and this particular time to do this?

And to really get you rilled I added the current official Air Force One pic , of the plane flying over Mount Rushmore. Are you kidding me? You compare the two and then tell me that this isn’t all a snow job.

Original Post

So we pay over $300k for an amateurish photograph complete with window glare?

Is this some sort of practical joke that Obama is playing on us? Is he trying to tell the world that Americans are so stupid we’ll believe anything? I’ve learned long ago that when an administration is willing to af1-pic3have us consider them incompetent, they are doing that to hide a lot worse. So what, or whom, are they hiding inside our plane.

Someone commented that photo-ops are not done at midday and this pic proves them right. But, maybe we should cut the White House some slack here because the photographer behind this photo clearly isn’t a professional. I mean, if this is the best they got, can you imagine how bad the other ones are? Who took that picture and what was he using? A key-chain camera? For $328,000 we couldn’t pay someone for a little bit of a touch-up? Cosmo magically erases thigh cellulite on a weekly basis. How troublesome can a little window glare be?af-one-rushnmore1

Further I am really curious why this particular picture with the “picturesque” views of Staten Island was published as opposed to one with the majestic Manhattan or Jersey City skylines in the back ground? Could it be that the White House doesn’t want us to see all the little people scurrying about terrorized by the sight of a jumbo jet hading for a skyscraper. Or maybe the problem is that the terrorized masses are not in the pictures because there are no damn pictures!


Seriously what are they covering up? Who was going for a joy ride in our Air Force One?

How much of the $300K went to pay for the window glare in the upper right corner?


Oh shore the one above is better right?

The picture below taken with a cell phone looks better than the one which cost us $300k

This image was taken with a cell phone by Jason McLane,

This image was taken with a cell phone by Jason McLane.

Airforce One – Gate Update

Yesterday White House press secretary “Gibblet “claimed that he didn’t know the whereabouts of the pictures of Air Force One taken while the plane was buzzing Manhattan. Today it seems that they found at least one. Beloved leader Obama, has decided that he will share one picture with the people who forked over the $300k to pay for it. Aren’t we fortunate?
“One picture, that’s more than you peasants deserve”, is what some believed to have heard Gibbs mutter under his breath.

Why the hell is this flea circus that we call an administration refusing to show us the pics? Is this a joke? How can these freaks justify releasing top secret CIA documents and yet we can’t know who was on our plane on a flight that we paid for which flew over our city? WTF?

Air Force One Vs. CIA

Here is what the Obama administration thinks its OK to make public.

1) Secret CIA interrogation precedures.

2) Names and addresses of law abiding private citizens who are guilty of nothing but trying to make a good living

3) Report indicating that white Christians who oppose abortion, taxes and Obama will be put on the terrorist watch list

Here is what the Obama administration choses to maintain as top secret

1) Pictures from the Air Force One plane that buzzed NYC , not just exterior but also pics from inside the plane

2) Roster of passangers who were on the aircraft.

3) Tapes of pilot to tower conversations during the flight

4) The Obama birth certificate

5) The Obama passport

6) The Obama Columbia University year book picture

7) The Obama Columbia University school transcript.

How to settle the Air Force One conspiracy theories. Updated, lets see the pics

Can you imagine if Bush had done this?

Its not hard to see how the idiotic decision to have “Air Force One get pictures with the Statue of Liberty” (just writing it I have to shake my head in disbelief at how absurd this was) spawned so many conspiracy theories. Some are more plausible than others and I have my own hypothesis and suppositions but that’s all they are. I’ve heard the gamut from the “Rogue pilot trying to warn us of the government’s plan” to “wealthy donors, maybe even Soros , getting a complimentary ride at our expense”.

So while everyone out there is content to put out these theories I will put forth a solution.

As we have no proof of any of this you can chose to believe either or dismiss either and your life will probably not change all that much. However isn’t this supposed to be the Open Administration?
Well, if it is then this can be easily solved. I understand, mostly from reading the Internet LOL, that all such photo-op flights are also used as perks and rewards to staffers and some of the B-list donors and their families who may not otherwise get a chance to fly on Air Force One.

To quell the theories and quite frankly because the White House owes us , at least us “New Yorkers”, a more thorough explanation of this debacle the list of the passengers on that Air Force One flight should be published. So the “open administration” should release the passenger list of those who got a ride on the plane. Sure that can all be doctored but if there is a cover up it will eventually come out.

Lets face it how can we have any confidence in a President that has no clue where his own dam plane is going or who is on it?

There’s one other thing. This was allegedly a “photo-op” so lets see the photos! The F-16 chase plane could not possibly take pictures from its vantage point so there had to be another plane somewhere taking the pictures. I see no evidence of it in any of the videos or pics that were taken of this incident. So lets have the White House publish the pics, after all it cost us over $300K to have them taken at least we should get to see them.

. If the Administration does that then and all these conspiracy theories will go away…unless of course..


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