Is Rush Condoning Secession !?


As you can tell my blood was boiling and I was fuming when I wrote the post below  . I’ll leave it up as is but ‘ll a write another post explaining the utter cowardice of secession and why I oppose it.

So I tuned in to Rush’s show yesterday, as I do whenever I get the a chance to do so,  what I heard rivaled the  idiotic broadcasts I heard the one or two times that I actually listened to Air America.

No, Rush wasn’t the host it was a buffoon named Dr. Walter Williams.  My old rule of thumb held true this time as well. If ever a guy goes by “doctor” and he isn’t an M.D. look out! You are about to find out how stupid a “doctor” can be.  Rush’s guest speaker didn’t let me down. I have no idea how or in what discipline this fool  he has his PhD but I can tell you that it didn’t require common sense, logic or knowledge of American History.  ((after I wrote this sentence I checked and found out  I was right.  His PhD is in economics)

This idiot actually went on the Rush Limbaugh show to tell America that conservatives should secede from the union. I am, not going to comment on this imbecile’s suggestion except to remind everyone that the amount of blood shed that will be involved will make the civil war look like  a skirmish. In his complete and utter divorce form reality the said imbecile actually commented that he thinks that we could do it peacefully.

Mother of God how can one be so stupid and get a “doctorate”?

To further his claim that we can  peacefully and legally secede- I kid you not this guy actually said that a state can legally secede  from the union –  he pointed to the separation of West Virginia from Virginia and he also pointed out that it was done with Lincoln’s blessing. WOW!!!!

Again I have to remind you that this guy has a doctorate and is apparently incapable of distinguishing between a territory separating from a state and staying within the Union and a state seceding form the Union!

To further add that Lincoln gave his blessing  as a means of somehow implying that Lincoln condoned secession is something that a garden kumquat would say if it too was asked to be a guest host on Rush’s EIB network.

I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how this dip stick  got his PhD. then I saw his pic. I have four  words, Affirmative Action strikes again!

Here is where it gets serious. How many times have we conservative  rightly stated that unless Obama disavows the statements of his underlings and associates then it most logically follow that he condones them. How may times we pointed to Van Jone’s statements and asked Obama to disavow them?

Is calling for secession less serious then being a Marxist?

Rush has yet to disavow the calls for secession made by his hand picked guest host! By his own, and all logic Rush must condone it!


For those of you who need a reminder as to the circumstances surrounding t Lincoln’s  agreement to the secession of WV from VA you need go no further than Wikipedia.


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