Rush Limbaugh anti white agenda

Rush Limbaugh Unleashes Vicious Cowardly Attack on Trump

Rush Limpbaugh hit an all-time low yesterday as he bashed Donald Trump in the most cowardly way possible.

Under the pretext of reading some article written by “very intelligent young conservative” – Rush’s words- Mr. Limpbaugh unloaded a tirade of despicable insults on Donald Trump. I have to tell you that as of now Rush Limpbaugh is officially a coward. If you want to suck up to the establishment shill , because that’s exactly what Cruz is, then at least go ahead and do it out in the open. Rush’s butt buddy Levine does it all the time and so does the Magic Thong lunatic Glenn Speck.  You know something I have a little more respect for those two because they at least have the balls to say that they support the Canadian establishment shill. Rush on the other hand is such a coward that he does it with what in his mind must be the “plausible deniability” of “I’m just quoting someone else.”  I have no doubt that this tactic works for the many millions of Rush fans who took his lead and voted for “W” or for Romney or for Paul RINO Ryan and the rest of them.

FORTUNATELY AMERICA HAS AWAKEND and Rush’s bull sh*t no longer goes unchallenged.

For Rush to use his top rated talk show to read this crap “He [Cruz]  should face down Trump and say to him, “Donald, for months, everybody has been tiptoeing around you out of courtesy. Enough. We all know you’re a spoiled brat who’s never had anybody say no to him. You’re a pathetic, bloated old man who stood on daddy’s money stack to make billions, and then can’t shut up about how he’s a self-made man. You’re a ridiculous dolt who lies about his politics, brags about having sex with married women, and shafts little old ladies for cash. And every time you are attacked, your face turns as red as the Kool-Aid man – just like it’s doing now. Then you cite polls, as though polls make you not all those things. They don’t. You’re just as much of a ridiculous clown as you ever were.”

Mark Levin: If the Tea Party stands in our way we’ll crush them too”

Are you kidding me Rush Limpbaugh? What a scum bag you are! Don’t tell us that you are just reporting what others have written. When was the last time you’ve read such comments on the air about Ted Cruz, especially in the morning before the FOX Town Hall and the day before a debate?

Rush Limbaugh anti white agendaDid you utter similar insults about Ted Cruz when he lobbied , successfully I might add, to sell or country down the drain with TPA? NEVER! Trump has never perpetrated anything as odious as that against the American people. That act alone merits Cruz be ostracized but no sir,  not form you, you must no doubt agree with him. Rush, no wonder the Bushes and the establishment loves you so much, you use the same tactics as they do, lie, obfuscate and hope people don’t pay too much attention.

Never; you’ve never blabbered like this about Cruz and you certainly didn’t do it at such an opportune time. You are of course entitled to your own opinions and that extends of course to politics. If you want to support the not so stealth Canadian establishment shill, like your butt body Mark Yenta Levin is doing go right ahead, but at least have the courage to say so.


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