Rick Santelli “If not for the Tea Party US Would be rated BBB”

Rick Santelli "if not for the Tea party we would be [downgraded to]  BBB"Rick Santelli’s  impassioned on air plea – February 19, 2009-  for financial responsibility both from individuals and  the government is credited with being one of  the catalysts that sparked what is now the most dynamic force in American politics and public life, the Tea Party Movement. Like the Tea Party itself  Rick Santelli’s speech are now etched in the granite of history and will forever be credited with stopping the rapidly spreading cancer of Obama’s Communism from devouring what’s left of our freedom.

Today Rick Santelli once again made history by doing what he did to begin with, he told the truth! Unlike the spineless corrupt bottom dwellers that carry and “R” prior to their congressional titles;  names such as John McCain, Olympia Snow, Scott Brown, Lindsy Graham, Alan West , Rand Paul and Marco Rubio and many others Rick Santelli is not afraid to tell the truth and his gratitude gene has not been surgically removed.

While the political “worthies” mentioned above and their colleagues ran home to cower in corners far and wide Rick Santelli came out and responded straight and true to the demented charges leveled against us by the cuckolded Senator form Massachusetts, John Kerry.

The cure for insomnia, aka John Kerry,  charged that the Tea party is somehow responsible for the downgrade of US Credit or the $15 trillion pissed away by Obama and his cohorts.
Rick Santelli response was simple and concise “Blame the Tea Party? Geez, no wonder Kerry did so well in an election. If it wasn’t for the Tea Party, they would have passed the debt ceiling thumbs up, we would have been [downgraded to] rated BBB.”


If we had just one politician with Santelli’s guts and honesty we would have found our  Ronald Regan for a new generation and we would be well on the way to taking America back to freedom and glory!

Alas we have no such thing and we are governed by Lilliputians and leaches.

Here is Rick  Santelli’s response and the transcript is below


YouTube Preview Image

“You know what leadership means? It means that it doesn’t really matter what S&P says. We all know deep inside that no country is the same as it was 5 years ago. And the market seems to be okay with it. And as for stocks going down we were already Ralph Cramden (of Honeymooners) on thin ice. Now an infant jumped on our shoulders. It’s just even more weight.

“In the end, in the end we need to address problems we know exist. A Treasury Secretary or a President should be out here not fighting S&P, not grabbing the other coach and slapping him around, taking the umpire behind the barn. He should be getting the team psyched to overcome.

“See I remember I had a professor in college. I wrote a great paper. Could never please this guy. But it made me better. Okay? We’re better than this. Don’t get caught up in the minutia. All this BS. We’re better than this. We need to prove it. We’re off the track. Whether we’re better than some other country or not, the real issue is we’re on the wrong path.

“Blame the Tea Party? Geez, no wonder Kerry did so well in an election. If it wasn’t for the Tea Party, they would have passed the debt ceiling thumbs up, we would have been rated BBB.”


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