Renaming Schools That Honor Founding Fathers is Step to Abolishing Constitution

To promote their demonic anti-American agenda on the unsuspecting public the left always begins with seemingly easy, innocuous ideas that quickly evolve into all out assaults on the very laws of nature. Equality for homosexuals quickly evolved into your children being indoctrinated to become homosexuals as early as kindergarten- could you even have imagined that 10 years ago?  The move for “diversity” and equality quickly evolved into a presidential candidate telling you that you have “white privilege” and college professors telling us that whites are genetically evil and must be exterminated.

The modus operandi doesn’t change and the results are invariably the same – you find yourself gasping for precious breath as the dictatorial leftist government’s boot crushes your neck. It’s the very same boot that killed over 100 million people, most of them Christians.

The tearing down of Confederate Statues was the opening move in the agenda. As always, the opening move has some semblance of common sense and some merit and is designed to build consensus within a larger cross section of the left. The initial opening move of tearing down Confederate statues was designed to rally the left under the banner of “fighting slavery.”  The fact that it was also “anti-white,” and just barely veiled as anti-Christian, was a mere bonus. The pavlov trained left, media included of course, responded to the doggie whistles and the result is that municipalities cower in fear and are taking down the statues.


The left got their way, but this was just one of the early steps to moving the agenda forward. And what is the agenda? In this case the agenda is NOTHING LESS THAN THE ABOLITION OF THE US CONSTITUTION!

The left’s two currently in vogue movements “whites are genetically evil” and “tearing down of confederate statues because of slavery” are now coalescing. The next step will be removing statues of founding fathers who were slave owners or maybe just had a beer with someone who was a slave owner.

The next step, also under the banner of “social justice” and “whites are genetically evil,” is the attack against our founding fathers. They are not yet tearing down the statues, but they are changing the names of schools and streets and towns. They even wanted to redesign the currency by replacing Andrew Jackson with the image of a black.

The gratuitous character assassination of our founding fathers might seem illogical and just an ad hoc type of protest by professional protesters who have too much time on their hands. Others might just see this as another anti-white racist aspect of the America- and white hating-left. Both of those things are true and both of those things are used by the leftist elites to manipulate the “useful idiots”.

These however are just opening moves, positioning the pawns if you will in the strategy to checkmate our Constitution. The next moves will involve the next hierarchical level in the fascist left’s nomenclature, probably D-List “celibritards” and fringe former politicians. Academia is already banging the drum of abolishing the Constitution. After that, far left activist judges will step in and make anti-constitutional rulings. The media will take up their causes, then it will go mainstream and politicians and A-List celibritards will step in. Then the constitution will be abolished and in it’s place a social justice document will be enacted and YOU WILL BE A SLAVE. If you are white that’s probably your most optimistic scenario. Already there are cries out there from “academia” and even politicians calling for the genocide of whites. If the constitution gets abolished, as the left wants, the only thing that will keep whites alive in America is firepower. How did we get here? Diversity!

As you all know, the left’s rank and file have been called the useful idiots by their uber idols on many continents.  In the former USSR -the failed heaven of leftist utopia – Vladimir Ilich Lenin coined the term”useful idiots”. In the United States, President John F Kennedy also called liberals by the same name except he felt no need to preface it with “useful.”  With that in mind, understand that the left’s leadership can make their rank and file literally believe absolutely anything. Up is down, evil is good, ANTIFA violence is peace etc.

The reasoning behind the abolition of the US Constitution simply goes like this ” Whites are genetically evil and therefore so is all they create including the Constitution.” Don’t try to find logic in this racist chain of thought, much less evidence. Also don’t point out to the racist left that they are racist. They are all those things, but most of all they are, as Lenin and JFK called them, idiots. They are also vicious and evil. None of those things lend themselves well to a conversation or debate based on linear thought. We are left with very few options.

Option one, pray for them and for our country. This is a very viable option and must be undertaken immediately and ceaselessly and with love.

Option two, is to fight – fight for our country, our freedom and our rights, always, and in all ways. The left is practicing total war – so should you! Boycotting, preaching, defending yourself physically and standing up and confronting the forces of evil are a must.

Option three, is be “tolerant” and roll over and play dead and bow down to or be forcefully made to kneel in front of demons that control the left’s agenda.

Which of these will you choose? If you choose “one” or “two” do it with the joy and thanks of being fortunate enough to live in a time when we can be so directly engaged in the battle for our country and the soul of the world.

This is the end-game behind the left’s demand that schools named after our founding fathers be renamed. The constitution, a document written by evil whites will be abolished and so will the whites.


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