Public Option End Game?

Here we have a gret video the libs in their own words telling us that “Public Option” will inevitably lead to the “single payer” option.

How to define single payer? Here’s how:

The government tells you who you’ll vote for what you will believe what you will eat what you will say who you will listen to what you will read who you will marry how many children you’ll have how old you’ll get and you will respond “thank you sir may I have another” or you will be dumped in some gulag to waste away and die as your children are taken to state run orphanages.


Oh ,you don’t think that this will happen? Look who the racist in chief has appointed to key posts to watch over you, Van Jones ring a bell?

Look who is governing you, Barney “banking Queen Frank, Pelosi, Diane Watson, Rangel etc.  If you think they’ll stop at just stealing your money you are insane!

Ps. If/when you go on Youtube check out morgenr’s Channel he/she”s got a long list of videos on there all of them worth watching.


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