Primaries Prove Conunderground Right …Again

Conunderground is the only outlet that warned you!   The  meadia  tried to portray the devastating losses that the liberals suffered in NJ, VA and Massachusetts as some cockamamie “anti incumbent” movement.  I exposed this ( read article here) and told you not to fall for that BS. There is no anti incumbent movement it is an anti liberal movement and last night’s results proved me right.

Blanche Lincoln won her primary against Lt. Gov. Bill Halter, a far left candidate who enjoyed  the support of labour unions and That support wasn’t limited to union votes but it also included over $10 million in campaign spending.

Blanche Lincoln  campaigned as the more conservative of the two liberal democrats and she won and won handily. Once again the media will spin this to mean that the “anti incumbent wave is over” Of course it’s over, it never existed except in the minds of the lying leftist media and the FOX news reporters who parroted the lie.

Is there a conservative inclumbent running behind ina the polls  against a less conservative opponent? Of course not, becasue the wave sweeping the country is not anti incumbent but anti left!


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