Police, Feds and Media Covers Up Black Jihadist Killing Americans

Guess which one is the Jihadist terrorist murderer


The last victim was a New Jersey teenager, 19 year old Brendan Travis and as tragic as that is, it gets worst because according to confession from the black Muslim jihadist this is his fifth act of terrorism. The other four were committed on the other side of the country in Seattle Washington. The identity of the other victims is impossible to find at this time because the Media, and the FBI and Holder’s Justice department, and Obama, is covering it up.

Did West Orange Chief of Police James Abbott try to cover up terrorist attack?

The desperate cover up from the morally corrupt West Orange Police Department included attempts to label this as a “robbery” even though nothing was taken. The West Orange Police Department tried to label the killing as  “targeted” even though the killer actually CONFESSED to committing the murder as retribution for America killing Jihadists in the Middle East.

The West Orange Chief of Police James Abbot refuses to address the nation and tell us who if any federal or state authorities instructed him to cover up this terrorist attack and  we have to ask if by doing this does  he becomes , implicitly, an accomplice in terrorism?

The little we do know about this story is that the killer may have had three or four accomplices. If that’s the case then there are three or four other Jihadists running around New Jersey or elsewhere looking to kill more white Americans.
We have the right to know if there are black jihadist terrorists  roaming the country, gunning for us! The questions surrounding this shooting and the four other – or possibly more – that the terrorist confessed to committing in Seattle are far from settled. Is this animal part of a cell? There are reports that he had three or four accomplices. Who are they, where was this person indoctrinated and who helped him go back and forth across the country?

Why are there no Hate Crime charges filled?

The murder happened on June 25 2014 but none of us would’ve heard word one about this but for a brave Radio Talk Show host Todd Pettengill, host of WPLJ’s “The Todd Show.”  Let that sink in for a minute, we would not know about any of this but for this man mentioning it on his show?

The question begging to be asked here is how many more of these attacks happen on a daily basis in this country  that we know nothing of because the Obama dictatorship and the Neo-Bolshevik media are covering it up. That question should send shivers down your spine.







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