Pardonez moi, mais le French Killer is an Afghan Muslim not a White “Right Winger”

French Police discussing surrender terms with suspect, It is expected that the police will soon surrender

This bit of garbage came from AP: “Focus fell Tuesday on three paratroopers who had been expelled from their regiment near Toulouse in 2008 for neo-Nazi sympathies,

The leftist media is ignorant and vicious but what they do know they know well. One such rare bit  of knowledge shared by leftist propaganda organs the world over, from NPR to LeMonde is that the only thing that stands between freedom and a thousand years of leftist dark ages is the white conservative male. The white conservative Christian male is the natural enemy of the left and the left instinctively jumps at any chance, real or imagined, to destroy the reputation, will and self esteem of their enemy; the  white conservative Christian males!

The latest example comes from France.

The ink hadn’t yet dried on inspector Maigret’s report and France’s leftist media had already identified the perpetrator, actually perpetrators, figured out their motives and issued a death fatwa against all those who fit the profile – of course they did all this without any bias or profiling. It was all based on the solid evidence that they fabricated in their own heads.

The mighty respectable Associated Press declared, quoting largely themselves,  and as always anonymous “sources” that “Focus fell Tuesday on three paratroopers who had been expelled from their regiment near Toulouse in 2008 for neo-Nazi sympathies, a police official said. The killer on Monday handled large-caliber guns with expertise, leading some to suspect he had a military or police background.”

Who those “some” were it was never established  but the AP never really bothered with such silly details.

Of course no European shooting will ever again be reported without reference to Anders Behring Breivik and in this case AP didn’t let their readers down:

“Norway’s Anders Behring Breivik, the right-wing extremist who killed 77 people in a rampage last year, had suggested in an online manifesto before the killings that a camera could be used to film such ethnic-cleansing “operations.” There was no mention in his indictment that he used one.”
Ahhhhh OK, well there you go, a white guy did it!

Their brethren in the US media and other websites followed the AP lead and ran the story accompanied by gratuitous pictures of saluting  neo-nazis thrown in for good measure.

As you know this wasn’t the first time crap like this passes for reporting and to be fair leftist politicians have done much worse “racial profiling” than AP has just done  with complete impunity.

NYC’s mayor Bloomberg infamously displayed his brilliant clairvoyance and deductive skills when, again with zero evidence,  declared that the Times Square bomber was “somebody who doesn’t like the Health Care bill it could be anything.” Yeah anything but a Muslim terrorist right Bloomberg? Must be those evil Christian, Veterans that Obama placed on the terrorist watch lists.

I’ve always wondered why it’s not considered racism when a Semite, Bloomberg, makes such thinly disguised, baseless,  racist accusations against the Christian Caucasians who comprise the vast majority of the Tea Party, the principal opposition to the Obama-care bill.

Then, like now the the would be terrorist then and the alleged murderer now,  are actually Muslim terrorists both of them with links to Al Qaida and the Taliban.

The left wing’s media’s pending collective orgasm was permanently blocked when the suspect declared himself a “Soldier of Islam” or “Islamic Warrior” or some other such crap.

It turns out that the suspect, currently surrounded by French police and negotiating surrender terms – we assume surrender terms for the suspect- is  Mohamed Merah, a 23-year-old Frenchman of Algerian descent. There are additional reports that he was captured in Afghanistan and that he then escaped in a brazen jail brake when the Taliban attacked the prison.

That’s where the story stands now, stay tuned and marvel at how the left wing media will find a way to blame this on American racism and George W Bush




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