Organized Black mobs AMBUSH whites at Wisconsin State Fair

Organized black mobs ambush whites in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Organized 500 Strong Black mobs AMBUSH whites at Wisconsin State Fair

In a scene that you’d expect to read about in some African country like Zimbabwe  organized black mobs layed out an ambush for whites at the Wisconsin State fair out side of Milwaukee. The ambush site was picked with military precision, cars stuck in slow traffic were easy targets as were motorcycles and pedestrians.

What is really disgusting is that while people of beaten the liberal pussies that  are the residents of Milwaukee cowered in their cars instead of organizing and coming to help the victims

Witnesses report that a black mob numbering up to 500 people attacked whites at the Wisconsin State fair. According to eye witnesses the racist blacks threw bottles and rocks and pedestrians and cars and knocked people off motorcycles.

There ae numerous eyewitness accounts of  people being pulled off motorcycles and beaten. A white youth was beaten and left bleeding in the street, then a black  female dropped a construction sign on him. After another woman got out of her car and tried to intervene, her husband “screamed at her to get back into the car.” Then the mob threw the white  victim “into the bushes like he was a piece of garbage.”

This is obviously and organized ambush of unarmed civilians by militant violent blacks. How they organized and who organized them are questions that we have to answer!

Witnesses said fair security, including cops on horseback, was insufficient to handle the trouble.

Police and authorities from Milwaukee and West Allis provided no details and as of this writing there were no “hate crime ” charges filed.

Sources News 58 TMJ News4 Milawkee Journal Sentinel 620TMJNewsRadio

Its amazing the reporters can’t even bring themselves to utter the word ‘racial” because it is black attacking white. it it was the other way areound they would no such issues.



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