Obama’s New Army!


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Over a year ago I warned that if we allow Obama to nationalize the car manufacturers your money will be only the first thing that he takes. I was of course right!

Trough the vehicle of Obamacare, Obama the bastard son of an Ethiopian philandering marxist and a globe trotting tramp, is now your master. You are now forced to purchase something, Obamacare, conditioned solely on you being alive. The word for that is serfdom. You are now a serf and Obama is your master.

To enforce his reign Obama is now hiring his army. The IRS has announced that they are hiring over 19,000 new agents! That probably represents a little over a 10% increase in the total workforce of the IRS .

TEN PERCENT INCREASE! Do you know of a single private company that has increased it’s staff by over 10% in the past 12 months? Of course not not a one! Why do you think that Obama is hiring these individuals? Is it to protect your freedom? Is it to make the country safer?
Focus on this, over 45% of Americans pay no tax or are outside of the tax system. Of that portion minorities represent a much higher portion than the whites and certainly a much higher number compared to the make up of the country. For example blacks represent a13% of the US population but over 18% of those who don’t file taxes.

Only 55% of Americans pay tax. How can you read that and not think that there is something very very wrong with a taxation and social system that allows almost half the country to exist without paying taxes? becasue the other half is paying it for them?  No liberals I am not advocating raising the taxes on those who make little or no  money, I am advocating cutting the subsidies and lowering the taxes of those who do pay. If we do that we have a chance, if not how can you think that we can survive as  a nation..or at least as a free nation with an ever increasing portion of the population not able to pay tax and waiting for entitlements?

Also very much to the point  – especially  in view of the new Obamacare provisions that force young Americans to buy health-care insurance form the government –  the largest portion of those who do not file taxes are young adults, just about 33% . That demographic  also makes up the bulk of the whites who do not file taxes.

That is who Obama is going after with his new army! Not exclusively of course he is also going after you and me because we are Christians, Whites , Tea Party members, veterans or just plain opposed to the Obama dictatorship, but first of all he will go after the youth that he forcing into serfdom with his Obamacare. Pay the fee or go to jail serf!

Of the 55% percent of the country who is actually paying taxes the vast majority is white and Christians and also represents the bulk of those who voted against Obama-. A look at recent polls shows that that segment of the US population also represents  the biggest shift in anti-Obama sentiment, even from those idiots who endorsed him initially.

Remember Janet Napolitano’s list of white, Christian , pro life T-Party members and veterans? Well now you know why the lists were gathered. No they won’t come and arrest you, not yet. First they will harass you and your family, they might even demonize you in the public opinion because as Biden said “not paying taxes is unpatriotic” – has anyone mentioned that to Geithner? Then of course depending on what kind of rabble-rouser they deem you to be you will be arrested and sent to racial reeducation camps or anti-hate reformation camps or diversity-appreciation camps…

Rest assured that if you are on the lists , and we probably are, sooner or later you will receive special attention form Obama’s new army.


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