Obama’s embarrassing loss in Lebanon and Iran!

Lebanon post election

Lebanon post election

What is generally reported as a new direction for Lebanon based on  election results  is largely a media fabrication. None the less the pro Iran pro Syria coalition , which includes Hezbollah has suffered a political defeat. Don’t for a second confuse that with the reality that Hezbollah still maintains a strong military force estimated to be about  a division in size and  strength but we can at least  expect the political tone to change.
The loss that Obama suffered in this election is truly exemplary.  In just about every major speech that Obama has delivered he made sure to apologize to the world for whatever imagined evil his sick liberal mind thinks  that the US unleashed upon the world. Yet the Lebanese public, who the Obamunists tell us ,  listened to and memorized the Obama Cairo speech verbatim  turned their back on Iran and Syria and chose a more pro western pro America stance! They did  this in spite of the Obama drum beat of how evil America is!

In his Cairo recitation of the TOTUS speech Obama not once did he mention the word “TERRORISM”, not once did he indicate that Hezbollah is an organization to be shunned or marginalized , and yet the Lebanese people did just that.

Not once in that same performance did Obama ask that muslims turn away from the terrorist renegade states of Iran and Syria and embrace the west and America, and yet a majority of  the Lebanese public did just that. How about that?

Iran election

Iran election

The election in Iran , to a significant extent,  a dog and pony show because the power is held by the mullahs and the ayatollah and they don’t change, is again an embarrassing loss for Obama!  No other current  leader in the free world has done more to raise Ahmadinejad’s stock than Obama! The latter’s assertion that he will “sit down” with that freak , gave Ahmadinijad the instant credibility he never had during the George W administration and yet he lost the election.

Again not once during the Cairo tap dance did Obama say word one about the upcoming election in Iran, not once did he encourage the people of  Iran to turn their back on Ahmadinijad, on the contrary! Obama’s line about giving them a hand if the fist something or other, and blah blah blah was if anything another attempt to engage and thus legitimize Ahmadinejad. Once again the Iranian people rejected the Obama attempts to raise Ahmadinejad to the rank of human being and it seems that they voted him out. Once again, in spite of the Obama, “America is Evil and I Apologize World Tour” the people of a muslim nation voted to have closer ties to America.

I bet that America polls better in Iran and Lebanon than we do in our own White House!


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