Obamacare Example, NY Cancels Flu Shot Mandate

ObamaThis folks is another  example why Obamacare should be fought like sin becasue it is just that, devil spawned.

This past summer the great state of New York , via State Health Commissioner Richard Daines,  issued an order that all health care workers who come in contact with patients receive  the Swine Flu vaccine.
The order resulted in protests,  two lawsuits- that I know of- and a judge eventually ordered it halted.

As a sidebar lets note that NY State has no qualms about adhering to federal so called “privacy” laws when the issues is the murder of babies, after all how can anyone tell a woman what to do with her body for a few months? On the other hand NY seems to completely forget about such laws when the issue is injecting potentially deadly poisons into its citizens.

Now the Great State of New York has rescinded its mandate. No, not because the liberals who run NY- into the ground- suddenly saw the light of their unconstitutional mandate but because a bigger government bureaucracy made an even bigger screw up.   The reason that the mandate is rescinded is becasue the Obama federal government has managed the flu vaccine program so badly that  there won’t be enough vaccines and the ones that will be available won’t be available om time.

Can anyone script a mess like this?

First, New York state showing complete disregard for federal laws or the constitution,  issues an order that citizens receive a vaccine that was ,at the time,  untested and about which no one had a clue  as to its safety or efficacy.

Second, the Obama administration which has handled Mexican Swine Flu in a manner that can only be called negligent at best and criminal under normal circumstances throw’s a wrench in NY’s plans by simply not having enough vaccines to go around.

Did I miss Governor Paterson’s condemnation of the shortage of vaccines?  Of course not.  Suddenly,after spending taxpayers money on defending who knows how many law suits, the idiot liberals in Albany find out that all of it was just a colossal waste of time.

Back to the feds, how can the administration that wants to manage your entire health care program justify not having enough vaccines to stave off a pandemic when they had almost a year to prepare for this?

This administration refused to close off the borders or take any meaningful steps  to screen those who enter the country and they assured us that there would be vaccines and plenty of them and that they’d be safe. I really can’t figure out which administration id the bigger bifoon, Obama or new York’s Paterson?

One idiotic liberal administration got trumped by a bigger idiotic liberal administration. Oh yeah I can’t wait to for these nit-wits to run health care !


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