Obamacare Cost Savings Lie!

Obama says that he wants to  implement his all controlling health care plan  because he wants to save on costs and thus make it all work better and la di da.

Its all a lie.

First of all there is and there has never been a  government program that has cut costs, never! This one is no different.

The single most costly element of health care is the malpractice suits brought about by lawyers like John Edwards. Is there a single line in the Obama health care bill to limit malpractice suits and awards? NO ! How could a program that’s supposed to be about cost savings not have any provisions for tort reform. California has limits on malpractice suits and lo and behold the world didn’t end!

Another massive component of the escalating cost of health care is one which Obama identified in his campaign and promised to address once elected;   the cost  drugs. Obama promised to impose some $80 billion dollars in what he called “cost savings, promised to have the government set the price for the Medicare prescription drug program and to help facilitate the import of cheaper drugs form Canada.  He you seen any of that in the Obamacare bill?

No of course not because as Rich Lowry writes in his expose in the NY Post ,  Obama cut  a deal with the drug companies lobby groups. The drug companies will pony up about $150 million in advertising for Obamacare and then all is forgiven.

Without tort reform and without any steps to make the rest of the world share the burden of higher medication costs no program can claim  to be a “cost savings program.” Obama care is no such thing , its simply a program to put power and control of our nation in the hands of socialists like Obama, Axelrod, and the Emmanuel brothers. When Obama claims that all he wants is to help cut costs he is nothing but a bold faced liar.

Here is Rich Lowry’s excellent article


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