Obamacare, China and WW III


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The consequences of Obamacare will probably be far more reaching than he could ever dream and yes it will change America and there is a good chance it will change the world. Not for the better mind you !  Like all demented liberal experiments conjured up by demented liberals – Obama certainly among them- this one too will end in blood shed of biblical proportions.

To believe for a second that we can rely in the government to cut costs on any program is sheer lunacy. To believe that the government will cut health care costs trough “efficiency” and do so while at the same time insuring an additional 35 million people is a lie that rivals the biggest lies told in the history of our planet. Even Dick Durbin, an otherwise  faithful Democrat lap dog, came out and said as much- not in so many words of course, I just happen to be more articulate. ( click here for Durbin quotes)

Every single Obama program ever implemented saved money or saved jobs or added jobs and yet here we are in debt to our eyeballs, broke, and needing more money.

Even if we somehow shove a Dewalt 18 Volt cordless drill in one ear and turn it on full tilt in order to scramble our brains and bring ourselves to the IQ level of the average liberal – or  to that of  Megan McCain-  and having accomplished  that we then  believe that the program itself can bring about cost savings,  we still have to contend with one pesky little problem; execution of said program  !

When asked about the  stimulus money spent on programs in congressional districts that exist only in the fantasy of liberals, Obama said, in effect that,  he cannot possibly worry about a few measly tens of billions of dollars in a stimulus program of that size.

Understand that the US health care industry is about $3.5 trillion dollars, and employs about 15 million people and it does that each and every year and it is growing rapidly. Obama could not handle a one time spending plan that was about five times smaller without producing probably the biggest waste, corruption and nepotism  ever produced by any government program. WHAT DO YOU THINK WILL HAPPEN UNDER OBAMACARE?

What will happen is corruption of unimagined proportions that’s what will happen

Of course, as with any enterprise ravaged by corruption,  prices will go up and of course inflation will accelerate even faster than Nancy Pelosi’s taxpayer paid private jet  on her way to a Botox injection. And this inflation will be exported throughout the world and more specifically to our biggest trading partners .

The China Card

You have all seen and heard and read how worried and concerned the Chinese are about Obamacare and that our debt is skyrocketing but do you ask yourself why they are so concerned?

Do you think they actually care that the price of the treasuries  will drop and they will lose money? ? Sure they are concerned over losing money who isn’t, but that in and of itself is not the reason that China’s leaders are spending sleepless nights cursing Obama.

China will gladly spend twice that to bring America to it’s knees and become the world’s only superpower. So no, in spite of what the media on both sides of the isle is telling you , their pocketbook is not their main  concern.

China’s concern is their very existence

You see, throughout Chinese history there was and remains one very peculiar occurrence. Masses of people descending like a gargantuan avalanche on Beijing This avalanche is set off by food prices. When food prices inflate to unaffordable levels people from the vast interior provinces get together form an army,  come to Bejing , kill the leadership – and few million other Chinese -and install a new regime. It was just what Mao did and lack of food was just the reason that he was able to do it.

As far back as February 2008, experts warned  that ” Food inflation in China could lead to social unrest” You might think that with the global economic crisis that peril of food inflation is no longer imminent,  but you’d be wrong. Just a few weeks ago India’s  food inflation accelerated past all expectations and at times skyrocketed almost 18% in one week. Do you have any idea what happens if this inflation gets exported to nearby China? I don’t know either but I sure know that I don’t want to find out! I

In December China’s food inflation reached  a very dangerous 5%. Last month overall inflation in China accelerated 2.7% versus a 1.7% percent increase in January ( see graph here.)  Policy makers in China are really struggling to end some of the measures that were implemented to ride out the global recession but all their efforts were be quickly undone with a stroke of Obama’s pen on the Obamacare Bill.

Even Obama and his Obamunists don’t for one second believe that Obamacare will save anyone a single penny. Like all monopolies it will benefit the few, in this case mostly the black and some Hispanic minorities but majority, mostly white, population of the country will and up paying more and more? Want proof ? Nothing to it! Two weeks after Obamacare passed and we were told how much money we would save with it, the Obamunists are rolling out  Paul Volker to tell us that we are running out of money and we need to add an additional Value Added Tax ( VAT ). Isn’t that odd? Every single Obama program ever implemented saved money or saved jobs or added jobs and yet here we are in debt to our eyeballs, broke, and needing more money.

Once again like all monopolies and like all corrupt enterprises prices will sky rocket and take inflation with it and China will have top face a starving population of over 1.5 billion people. Do you think they’ll ask us nice to lower our costs so they can feed them? Even if they do just that,  how easily do you think we’ll be able to roll back that kind of inflation

Oh don’t worry Obama will probably still keep his messianic title after all he would have been gone from office for maybe thee or four years…


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