Obama Victory Lap Leaves 7 Dead, 17 Wounded, Including Children

Obama Victory Lap Leaves 7 Dead, 17 Wounded, Including Children

Aftermath of Obama Campaign Speech

Children have been the victims of Obama’s odious policies but never has it been as immediately visible as this. I have no idea if Obama is just plain stupid or arrogant or just plain blood thirsty but the fact is that because of his campaign speech children died, grownups died, and many are lying wounded clinging desperately to life.

After Obama’s victory lap speech and visit to Afghanistan the Taliban retaliated by launching a suicide bombing attack. The target was a neighborhood known as the Green Village where international contractors are housed.

The bombers attacked in the morning and their targets were children on their way to school

“I was walking to school when I saw a very big explosion. A car exploded and flames went very high into the air,” said 21-year-old Mohammad Wali. “Then I saw a body of one of my classmates lying on the street. I knew it was a suicide attack and ran away. I was so afraid.”

Make no mistake, the scum bags Islamist terrorists who perpetrated this are directly responsible  and they are the ones we have to condemn.

But what about Barack Hussein Obama ?
Let’s be very clear on this. This trip was a bunch of Bull Shit! There was no reason for it other than to make a campaign speech. We spent millions of dollars to shlep this fool and his teleprompter to Afghanistan so he can get his propaganda shot done in Afghanistan…And now innocent children are dead.  Nancy Peolosi was so found of saying  “we did it for the children”

So we have to ask!

Obama Victory Lap Leaves 7 Dead, 17 Wounded, Including Children

Obama campaign speech in Kabul

If he is as smart as the libits say he is then how could he not have known that these would be the consequences?

Is he stupid enough to believe that the “tohlibohn” would not respond?

Is he such a stone cold killer that he doesn’t care how many people get killed as long as he gets his propaganda speech done?

As far as foreign policy goes this is by far the most incompetent administration since “Gimme” Carter and their desperate hare brained attempt to paint themselves otherwise has led to children dying on the streets of Kabul. Gee what a nice guy.

If Obama had one ounce of shame, one ounce of dignity or humanity he would resign immediately and spend his life praying for forgiveness.




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One Response to Obama Victory Lap Leaves 7 Dead, 17 Wounded, Including Children

  1. Fae May 2, 2012 at 11:22 am #

    His campaign speech could have be made on American soil. They could have sent the phoney agreement he signed by overnight mail or used his auto pen.
    People die and suffer for a slight political gain for Baracka.
    What a shame.

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